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#BridalCheckList: The Bridal Beauty Regime To Follow Before Your Big Day

#BridalCheckList: The Bridal Beauty Regime To Follow Before Your Big Day

With what is probably one of the most important days of your life just around the corner; not only do you want to buy the best, you also want to look your best.

Unfortunately, seemingly friendly advice and impulsive experiments can sometimes lead to disasters that can really dampen your excitement on the big day. We know you don’t need that extra stress!

So, we decided to seek out expert advice from Delhi-based makeup artist Chandni Singh, the owner of Chandni Singh Salon and Academy, on what the essential bridal beauty plan should be!

From when to colour your hair to all your hair removal questions, she gives all brides-to-be an easy­-to-­follow beauty regime. All you need to do is follow this checklist to avoid any beauty mishaps and look your ethereal best on your big day.

Laser Treatments

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A lot of brides decide to go in for laser treatment to permanently banish hair from their upper lip, underarms or anywhere else, which is great but timing is essential. Ideally, you should take that decision at least 8­-10 months in advance since the sessions are divided over a gap of 2 months each. If you're just thinking about it and your wedding date is around the corner, we suggest you postpone it for later (after you've come back from your honeymoon and are settled in). If you are already in the middle of a laser treatment, make sure you go for a session at least a week or two in advance to avoid any side effects.

Follow post­care regime meticulously as advised by your dermat because there's no room for taking risks now.

Hair Colour and Touch Ups


Talk yourself out of trying something too drastic before your big day. If you're trying colour for the first time, think it through and consult an expert on shade that'll suit you the best. Do it about a month or so in advance, so that if you think the colour is too bright, you can at least tone it down a bit. If you're just doing a touch­up, schedule an appointment with a hair stylist you trust about 10 days in advance.

Body polishing

Bridal Beauty Plan

Opt for a soothing, nourishing package which usually includes a body scrub ritual, a massage and finishes with a delicious body pack. The idea behind it is to slough dead cells, remove tan lines, tackle ingrown hair and basically make your skin feel feathery soft (which your hubby-to-be will love). We suggest you do this 3 to 4 days before the functions begin or­­ even on the same day as your facial appointment.

Facial Treatments


A bride should opt for Vitamin C/Oxygen facial every 4 to 5 weeks after her engagement. Most professional salons offer a facial consultation for brides to avoid redness and breakouts, so opt for one. As days get closer, most experts suggest going in for a facial 4 days before the wedding. The logic behind this is that most of the ingredients that have gone in your expensive facial make you look your best around the Day 3 and 4. Also, do your bit and use home­care/herbal products to make most of the money you spent on that facial.


Bridal Beauty Plan

Go to a salon you're familiar and comfy with, a day or two before the celebrations­ ­begin. If your skin is sensitive and you tend to redden easily, opt for RICA wax. Use an astringent mixed with water or just some Dettol if you feel any sort of pain or itchiness. Calm your skin down with an ounce or two of Lacto Calamine. Don’t forget to moisturise after your waxing appointment.

Manicure and Pedicure

Bridal Beauty Plan

You can get your nails done the day you are getting waxed too. Think about whether you want to go classic with french tips or fun with bright pop colours which will complement your bridal lehenga. If you're getting nail art done, do it just a day before your wedding.

Remember to maintain a balanced diet: seriously, no fried food if you're prone to pimples and drink lots of water. And most importantly, be yourself and enjoy this day to the fullest.