In Today's WTF News, Man Names Niece 'Corona' Because She Was Born During Janata Curfew

In Today's WTF News, Man Names Niece 'Corona' Because She Was Born During Janata Curfew

Currently, there are few things that we can think of beyond the coronavirus outbreak, and the pandemic's looming shadow on the future of mankind. However, trust humans to jazz things up a bit, take it up a notch, and do things that were never fathomed of. The point of reference here is a UP man, who ended up naming his niece Corona. Yes, literally Corona! 

Nitesh Tripathi from Uttar Pradesh's Gorakhpur has named his niece Corona Tripathi since she was born during the Janata Curfew. This news comes in just when we were thinking of all the rallies being conducted on the day and the essence of the curfew being lost on people. To cut it short for you, there is an infant in UP right now named after a deadly virus and, not to forget, a beer brand! 


But then who are we to raise any questions when the infant's mother, Ragini Tripathi also approves of the name. Oh also, the man is armed with a logic behind the strange taste in nomenclature too. He is of the belief that deadly as it might be, the coronavirus has, in fact, "unified" the people and "inspired" them.

''The virus is no doubt dangerous.... it has killed so many people in the world.... but it has also inculcated many good habits in us… This baby will be the symbol of people's unity to fight the virus," said the man in a media statement. 


And while we'd love to agree with the man (no, not on the name but his theory of coronavirus being a symbol of unity), the reality suggests otherwise. Apart from leading to a slew of deaths worldwide, the virus has also triggered widespread racism with United States President Donald Trump constantly referring to it as the 'Chinese Virus' and Indians finding yet another reason to bully those from the North-East. Just a day ago, the news of a Delhi man spitting on a Manipuri girl and calling her 'Corona' shook the world. In other news, the very same Air India crew that played a pivotal role in evacuating Indians from COVID-19 hotspots was being subjected to discrimination and ostracised within their own societies.

Does the name still sound like a harbinger of unity and inspiration now? 

Featured Image: Instagram

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