Outrageous! Air India Crew Who Evacuated Indians From Covid-19 Areas Are Being Ostracised

Outrageous! Air India Crew Who Evacuated Indians From Covid-19 Areas Are Being Ostracised

It made for quite a spectacle yesterday as the nation came together for the Janta curfew and applauded the unsung heroes who continue to provide us with essential services as we stay safe in our homes. And the Air India crew has emerged as heroes too, as the carrier continues evacuating Indians stranded in the COVID-19 hit areas. Right from the airlifting operations in Wuhan to flying back 263 Indian students from Italy, the Air India crew has been carrying forward the evacuation process while literally putting their own lives at stake. And this too entails due appreciation and applause, right? 

However, that doesn't really seem to be the case. In fact, as per the latest media reports, the Air India crew members are being ostracised by their neighbours instead of receiving the praise that they deserve. You can ascertain the gravity of the situation from the fact that Air India had had to interfere in the matter as they took to Twitter yesterday to call out the injustice being meted to the crew. 

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A press note was shared on Air India's Twitter handle on Sunday evening. In the note, after ensuring that all necessary measures were taken for the safety of the crew during the operations as well as tests were conducted afterwards to ensure that no one got infected, it was brought out: "It is alarming to note that in many localities, vigilant Resident Welfare Associations and neighbours have started ostracising the crew, obstructing them from performing their duty or even calling in the police, simply because the crew travelled abroad in the course of their duty. These vigilantes have conveniently forgotten that many a spouse, parents, sibling, child and near and dear one have brought home safe and secure from affected countries, thanks to the heroic efforts of these Air India crew."

Here's the note:

Yet another tweet was shared by Air India urging everyone to treat the crew with the respect and freedom that every citizen in the country deserves. And an appeal was also made to the law enforcement agencies to ensure the same:

It is rather disheartening to see that the very same people who were clapping their hearts out last evening are doing this to those working selflessly in the time of crisis. Isn't it rather conceited and hypocritical of us to clap when it's convenient but fail the real heroes of the crisis when no one is watching?  

Featured Image: Twitter

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