Hair And How: THREE Ways To Get Mermaid Waves Right!

Hair And How: THREE Ways To Get Mermaid Waves Right!

If you're a part of the thin and fine hair parade, your eyes need to be hooked on from this point forward!

Mermaid waves are basically smaller waves that start right at your crown and go to the end. This hairstyle is called that because of the Ariel-like look it gives your hair. It's beachy and fresh and gives your hair a ton of volume. No wonder, this is a favourite for the thin haired girls out there. There are three ways to achieve the same look. I have a favorite of course, so I am going to go by order of preference. 

Let's do it!

Heatless Overnight Waves


10 mins and then overnight

This, as you can guess, is my favourite way to get beachy waves. I just love how they look after and the fact that you can get really close to the roots with this one!


Hair tie

Texturising Spray


1. Divide your hair into two sections down the middle. 

2. Make 2 Dutch braids and secure them with hair ties. 


4. Let your braids out in the morning, spray some texturising spray.

5. Flip your hair upside down, run your fingers through the curls and your lion mane is ready to flaunt. 

Flat Iron Beachy Waves


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20-25 minutes

This is another fairly easy way to get mermaid waves with a flat iron instead. This I like when I am in a hurry, but I still have to curl the pieces closer to the crown separately or do extra braids there.


Hair tie 

Flat Iron

Texturising Spray


1. Divide your hair into four sections. Part it down the middle, gather the hair on the top right until your ear and make a braid. Do the same on the other side. 

2. Now take the bottom two and braid them as well.

3. Take the flat iron and press it on each link for about 15 seconds. Do this twice or thrice alternating in between sections. 

4. Open your braids and add some volume by flipping your head upside down. 

5. Use the iron to crimp out the left out pieces closer to the crown and spray texturising spray.

Curling Wand Curls


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30-40 minutes depending on the hair length

This is the no-brainer way to get this look. This is my least preferred method ONLY because of the time it takes and as we all know, I am AS lazy as they come. 


0.25-inch or 1/2 inch curling wand

Sea Salt Spray


1. Start by taking 1-inch sections all through your hair and wrapping them around the curling wand.

2. A smaller wand and smaller sections ensure you get tighter curls. 

3. Keep doing it till you reach the crown. 

4. Let your hair cool and then run your fingers through the hair to loosen up the waves. 

5. Spray some sea salt spray all through the hair and scrunch. 

Well, there you go. Three waves to get one lion mane. Doesn't seem like a bad deal!


Watch this video for quick tips and tricks on getting those beachy waves with a flat iron

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