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From Horseriding To Befriending Cows: Taimur Ali Khan Is The Cutest Cowboy In Town

From Horseriding To Befriending Cows: Taimur Ali Khan Is The Cutest Cowboy In Town

Taimur Ali Khan, aka Tim, has captured the attention of the entire nation. The paps have captured the little nawab saying "Hi" to the camera and they have also been corrected by the kid himself about what he prefers to be addressed as, "It's Tim!" 

On his latest expedition, Junior Khan's love for animals became evident. Taimur, with parents Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan, went for a staycation to the Pataudi Palace a few days ago. We came across a video in which Taimur is perched on his dad's shoulders, and the trio set out of their palace for some cow-watching. They entered someone’s farm and Saif was seen interacting with a local lady, asking, "Namaskar didi. Aapki gaay dekhne aae hain." 

In another video, Taimur seems to be approaching a cow while his mum Kareena asks for 'gaajar' to feed the bovines. Aww-dorable, isn't it?




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Baby Tim is fascinated with cows. Even back in Mumbai, the paps spotted the kid feeding some cows in the city. The way he giggles while feeding an animal thrice his size deserves to be seen on a loop!




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Cutie Boy #taimuralikhan snapped feeding a cow near his house in Mumbai... #instalove @manav.manglani

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Look at this picture of baby Taimur befriending a baby cow. Cuteness overload!


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Here's another picture of the kid gazing at a cow while taking a stroll with his dad outside their home. Saifu is trying to familiarise Taimur with the cow and we can't even...!




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It's lovely to see how Saif and Kareena are raising their son to be an animal lover. Taimur sure has an obsession with floofy beasts! This video of Taimur saying 'Meow' to a cat broke the internet a few weeks ago.




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Awwwdorable #taimuralikhan loves the cat...snapped with momma #kareenakapoor at a shoot in Mumbai today #manavmanglani @manav.manglani

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Taimur has also been taking horse-riding lessons and seems to be enjoying it to the hilt. He's inherited the love for this sport from his father Saif. We all know how much the chote nawaab loves his horses. Taimur has been captured multiple times by the paparazzi while riding horses and we can't deny the fact that he's the cutest cowboy in town!




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Taimur Ali Khan also has a furry friend, a pet dog named Elvis at home.


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Taimur's favourite toys too include horses and unicorns. The kid sure has a way with animals and we can't seem to get enough of it!

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Published on Mar 8, 2019
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