Sushma Swaraj Grants Medical Visa To Yet Another Pakistani National

Sushma Swaraj Grants Medical Visa To Yet Another Pakistani National

If there is an original gangster (Millennials, say OG) today in the Parliament, it is hands down the External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj and her team. She is one of the only people who has been using the power of the internet correctly to help so many people that she is setting an example for all our other ministers on a regular basis! She, along with her ministry, has helped rescue a woman being held in South Africa, rescued 168 Indians being held hostage in Iraq, organised rescue mission in Yemen during crisis amongst other such notable acts!

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And this time, she’s delivered on her promise of being awesome again! On Saturday, November 25, she granted medical visa to another Pakistani national. She had recently granted medical visa to four other Pakistani nationals who wished to undergo treatment in India.

Shahzaib Iqbal, who hed needed a medical visa for his cousin, who needed a liver transplant tweeted his request to the minister,"After ALLAH you are our last hope...Kindly allow Islamabad embassy (meaning Indian High Commission) to issue us medical visa."

While the tweet has since then been removed for reasons unknown, this is what the minister tweeted in response

Previously, Swaraj had granted a medical visa to Sajida Bakshi who had needed an emergency follow-up after a liver transplant and Kishwar Sultana who was awaiting liver transplant in a hospital in Noida. Later, on India's Independence Day, 2017, the Ministry of External Affairs had announced that the country would provide medical visas to all bonafide Pakistani patients. She had then tweeted the following:

Currently, India and Pakistan are not on the best of terms and even though, from a political standpoint, the ties between the countries have soured and the tension is palpable and almost at the tipping point, all these steps by the External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj, official boss lady, only show that humanity trumps over all else.

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Keep making us proud, ma’am!

Featured Image: Financial Express