10 Indian Women Who Gave Society The Middle Finger On Twitter!

10 Indian Women Who Gave Society The Middle Finger On Twitter!

The constant running commentary in the heads of all Indian women who’ve reached ‘the age’ is mostly - “Ask me when I am ‘settling down’ one more time, and I will bonk you on your head!” And the rest of the time we are figuring out a way to swat people like flies every time they point out the length of our skirts, or the cleavage exposed by our shirts, and the constant casual sexism, without having to go to jail for hurting them. Echoing our thoughts, here are some badass Indian women in Twitterverse who’re not afraid to speak their minds in the best way possible - by making us laugh!

1. We’ve had enough of your crap, fairness creams!

1 indian women - fair and lovely

Source: Cathartic Screams

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2. #MarriedNotBranded needs to be a real trend! You go, Mrs Funnybones!

2 indian women - twinkle khanna

Source: Twinkle Khanna

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3. Someone call the doctor, this is a national burn!

3 indian women - sushma swaraj

Source: Sushma Swaraj

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4. Definitely never saw this one coming, did you?

4 indian women - hum aapke hai kaun

Source: Harnidh/Peglet

5. Hypocrisy, thou art a faithful friend!

5 indian women - hypocrisy

Source: Neha Ramneek Kapoor

6. That clapback tho! *applauds*

6 indian women - tattoo and children

Source: #shook

7. Ouch, indeed!

7 indian women - india and pakistan

Source: Twinkle Khanna

8. And please send us copies so that we can memorise all of it too!

8 indian women - rules for women

Source: Pallavi

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9. What can we say? We really do want to help you out!

9 indian women - vagina

Source: priya

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10. Drop that mic, girl!

10 indian women - dowry

Source: Karima