What Is Situational Cleansing & Do You Really Need In Your Life?

What Is Situational Cleansing & Do You Really Need In Your Life?

The very first step in your CTM routine is cleansing. While this step is crucial for keeping your pores squeaky clean, let's not forget that over-cleansing can cause the skin to dry out. So what are you supposed to do? Give up cleansing your skin altogether? No way! Allow us to introduce to a new skincare trend called 'situational cleansing'. 

What On Earth Is Situational Cleansing?


As the name suggests, situational cleansing involves using a cleanser based on your skin's concerns and needs. To find the perfect product for your skin, you must first observe your skin. After your washing your face, how does your skin feel? It is dry? Moist? Oily? Based on how your skin feels should you invest in a skincare product. Just how multi-masking does not have a one-size-fits-all approach to skincare, the same applies to cleansing. Let's see what skincare cleanser product you will need based on the condition of your skin. 

  • If your skin feels dry and looks parched most of the times, you will need a moisturising cleanser. Pick one that has a milky white colour and silky texture. While it moisturises the skin, it will also hydrate it and keep it supple. 

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  • Foam cleansers are great for people who have combination and oily skin types. When combined with water, foam cleansers form into a thick lather and easily cleanse the skin from makeup residue and dirt. Since foam cleansers contain SLS (to create the foaming effect), the ingredient could irritate sensitive skin types. Hence, it's safer to a patch test first.


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  • If you have oily skin, you will definitely appreciate a good quality gel cleanser. Mostly, all gel cleansers are lightweight and have this gorgeous jelly texture. This cleanser type is perfect for those who find it tough to remove makeup residue from the face. 

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  • For normal and dry skin, you should stick to oil cleansers. The reason why they're called oil cleansers is that they remove the oil from the skin without drying your skin out. They keep the skin nourished and clean at the same time. However, this variant of cleanser product has the tendency to leave product residue on the skin surface post washing the face. Hence, you might want to use a regular cleanser after to ensure that your pores are squeaky clean and nourished. Think of it as double-cleansing. 


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Final thoughts, situational cleansing is great for addressing multiple skin conditions. However, it falls expensive because it requires you to invest in different cleansers and switch them up according to your skin's needs. But, think about it, shouldn't skincare be looked at as an investment? 

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