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9 Amazing Benefits Of Sunscreen That’ll Convince You To Restock Your Stash!

9 Amazing Benefits Of Sunscreen That’ll Convince You To Restock Your Stash!

If someone asked us about the single most important skincare product that everyone must have in their kit, we’d say ’sunscreen’ in a heartbeat! And not us just, be it experts, doctors or Insta influencers, almost every beauty and skincare enthusiast knows just how important a sunscreen is. Besides saving you from the harmful sun rays, there’s a lot more that this product does. Today we’re listing down all the benefits of sunscreen that you must know about.

Benefits Of Sunscreen For The Skin

  • Protection From Harmful UV Rays
  • Prevents Premature Ageing
  • Lowers The Risk Of Skin Cancer
  • Reduces Blotchiness 
  • Prevents Sunburn
  • Prevents Tanning
  • Essential For Maintaining Healthy Skin
  • Limit The Appearance Of Sunspots
  • Avoids Broken Blood Vessels

We have said it a thousand times, but it bears repeating: You need to wear SPF every single day! Yes, even when you’re indoors. The skincare product is a multi-tasker that does a lot for our skin. Ahead, we are listing down the benefits of using sunscreen. 

Protection From Harmful UV Rays

UV rays are the ones that cause photoageing, which can then lead to wrinkles, sun spots, and redness around the face. Sunscreen is the skincare hero that kills a multitude of birds with one stone. In fact, there is a new slew of hair sunscreens too. Click here to know what is hair sunscreen and why do you need one.

Prevents Premature Ageing

Mineral sunscreens can prevent ageing by reflecting back the harsh UV rays. While chemical sunscreen will absorb these rays and transform them to heat through a chemical reaction. 

Lowers The Risk Of Skin Cancer

Another reason to wear sunscreen every single day is that it helps to protect your skin from developing skin cancer. Daily SPF use, even if it’s cloudy or rainy, can help protect your skin from harmful rays that cause cancer. 

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Reduces Blotchiness 

Exposure to solar radiation can accelerate the production of skin cells called melanocytes. These melanocyte cells generate melanin that is responsible for skin tanning. In some cases, sun rays cause an abnormal increase of melanocytes which results in darker patches on the skin. Thus, making it appear blotchy. That’s why you should use sunscreen in order to prevent blotchiness, dark spots, and pigmentation on the skin.

Prevents Sunburn

A sunscreen protects from sunburn by reflecting the harmful UV rays. Selecting a good sunscreen is important for the skin. Choose a formula that offers broad-spectrum protection, has an SPF of 30 or higher, and is waterproof.

Prevents Tanning

Although you might love the look of a fresh tan, it’s really your skin’s cry for help. Truth hurts – and so does sunburn. Sunscreen is a product that softens the impact and keeps your skin looking youthful and radiant. 

How To Remove Mineral Sunscreen From Face

Essential For Maintaining Healthy Skin

Applying sunscreen every day prevents the destruction of essential skin proteins such as collagen, keratin, and elastin. All of these proteins are essential for maintaining skin integrity and elasticity. 

Limit The Appearance Of Sunspots

Being exposed to the sun’s UV rays can also cause sunspots. Sunspots are caused by hyperpigmentation of the skin and are typically flat areas of discoloured skin that can be different from shades of brown. They can appear anywhere on the face, shoulder, arms, or back.

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Avoids Broken Blood Vessels

Also known as telangiectasias, UV rays can damage the skin’s blood vessel walls. The thinning of blood vessels leaves the appearance of bruising and bleeding.

POPxo Recommends Best Sunscreen Products

The market right now is flooded with a million different formulas for every body part, finish and the level of SPF, that it might be a daunting task to find the perfect formula.

So today, we’re listing down the best sunscreens below. Whether you’re already a stan or are on the hunt for a new SPF soulmate, keep swiping!

MyGlamm Superfood Kiwi & Coconut Sunscreen

We’ve had so many people tell us that they don’t wear sunscreen because they can’t wear it under makeup. Excuses! Here’s a coveted sunscreen that feels amazing on the skin, but also acts as a primer and will make your makeup look even better! The formula will keep your skin moisturised while SPF 30 Pa++ will protect your skin from the sun.

Treatment Of Sunburn Skin

Organic Harvest Sunscreen – SPF 50

If you’re looking for a holy-grail sunscreen that’s perfect for beach days, outdoor runs, and pool days, then may we introduce you to your new BFF? This sunscreen is not super pricey and it’s water-resistant as well as sweat-resistant so you don’t have to reapply it every 30 mins in the scorching heat. Stock up on this organic formula before you hit the beach!

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St. Botanica Vitamin C SPF Sunblock Face & Body Mist Sunscreen

Non-tacky, non-sticky, and non-whitening, this mist from St. Botanica is as lightweight and sheer as they come. Just a few of the things that make this SPF fluid great for your body as well as your face. This double-duty vitamin C-infused formula will not only protect your skin from the harmful UV rays but will also help brighten it while evening out your skin tone, giving you the glass skin of your dreams.

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Sunscreen With SPF 60 Organic Harvest

The milky texture of this SPF serum feels lightweight and hydrating. Your skin will basically drink it up. It boasts a 5-star rating with raving reviews. This SPF 60 is formulated with hydrating ingredients that help the skin look plump and bouncy. Wear it alone or layer it under moisturiser for dewy skin. 

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Is it good to use sunscreen every day?

Yes, here’s why: UV rays from the sun can increase the risk of skin cancer and skin ageing. Using sunscreen every day – no matter where you live or what your complexion is – can protect you from sun damage. Not applying sunscreen every day is one of the sunscreen mistakes to avoid.

Can sunscreen improve your skin?

Sunscreen shields you from UVA and UVB rays which ultimately results in uneven skin tone. It also prevents the red veins from coming on the surface of the skin.

Does sunscreen help acne?

Yes, in addition to protecting your skin from UV rays – including reducing exposure to free radicals which correlate to worse acne – and signs of ageing, sunscreen can really help keep acne at bay. In fact, sunscreens also help in treating uneven skin and reducing redness.

Hope you’ve found your sunscreen soulmate!

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21 Apr 2022

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