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Make Some Room In Your Wardrobe, The Jenner Sister’s Topshop Lingerie Line Is Here!

Make Some Room In Your Wardrobe, The Jenner Sister’s Topshop Lingerie Line Is Here!

Wondering when this happened? The typically media-friendly sister duo is suddenly holding back from promoting their recently launched lingerie line for Topshop. Maybe it's the result of controversial news Kylie Jenner has been a part of or not but yes, the sultry lingerie collection you've been waiting for is finally here. Unlike, Kendall and Kylie’s DropThree collection, the hype is missing.

Be it Kendall flashing her plaid bikini, Kylie’s see-through fishnet bikini or their bra-over-t-shirt look, by now, we know their style by heart. We know what Jenner effect looks like and it’s spilled all over the collection. It’s like you now have the option of taking the pieces out of their personal closet.

The line has 30 plus intimates, it’s full of lace, velvet, jersey and mesh take on bras, bodysuits and bottoms. The designs are bold and risqué and the reason for that would be Jennifer Zuccarini, founder and creative director of Fleur du Mal, who helped in creating the intimates. Let’s not forget the full body mesh catsuit (Rs 7,325) and a cropped mesh turtleneck (Rs 4,135) which is similar to the one Kendall wore when out at Paris Fashion Week and paired it with jeans. It was also donned by Lorde at 2017 Billboard Music Awards.


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Most of these designs are too good to be worn underneath and hide, rather they are meant to be flaunted. As Kendall says, “Beautiful lingerie shouldn’t be completely hidden under clothes anymore.” For the case of confusion, Kendall has herself shown how to style it right, in the promotional image she is wearing a millennial pink velvet and mesh bra (Rs 3,625) with a denim jacket and jeans.

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These pieces are available on They range from Rs 1,950 to Rs 9,125 and you wouldn’t mind vaunting them. But if you aren’t sure which ones to get your hands on first, we have already picked the best pieces for you - get them before they are gone!

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