Make Some Space In Your Wardrobe, Kendall & Kylie’s Limited Edition Collection Is HERE! | POPxo

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Make Some Space In Your Wardrobe, Kendall & Kylie’s Limited Edition Collection Is HERE!

Make Some Space In Your Wardrobe, Kendall & Kylie’s Limited Edition Collection Is HERE!

While Kendall Jenner is glamming up her runway looks at NYFW, Kylie Jenner is turning the heat up with her hot, HOT lip kits. But little did we know that in the midst of those catwalks, we’ll be able to add Kendall and Kylie’s limited edition capsule collection to our wardrobes.

1 kendall and kylie jenner - posing

Image Source

The Jenner sisters have been teasing us for a while, and now the collection is finally available at Saks Fifth Avenue. And you see the Jenner effect all over the designs. As Kylie says, “It’s about being who you are, if people can’t accept it, too bad.” And we are glad that they have maintained that sass in their designs as well. We all remember Kendall’s ‘low key look’ which was a bright red faux fur heart and Kylie’s sexy silk slip dress. You get their style, right? It’s bang on.

2 kendall and kylie jenner - posing

Image Source

The collection has a red, black and orange colour palette. DropThree is their first collection to be presented in collaboration with one specific retail partner. The quantity of clothes and accessories in this line is limited - so much so that each piece has a unique number somewhere on the outfit which makes each product one of a kind.

Be it their fave colours or their go-to style or all the camouflages they like, with DropThree, you’ll have a chance to don the designs straight out of the Jenner closets.

The full collection is available for you at Saks and yes, they will deliver it to India for you. It ranges between Rs 4,000 - Rs 28,000. So, go ahead and shop your closets out before the edition gets over.

3 kendall and kylie jenner collection

Image Source

Still wondering which one will suit you better, we’ll help you with our favourite and we think you’ll look lovely in these…

POPxo Recommends:

Lady In Red: KENDALL + KYLIE Faux Fur Coat (Rs 27,191)

Bolder Than Off-Shoulder: KENDALL + KYLIE Off-The-Shoulder Velour Pullover (Rs 6,540)

Smart Shirt: KENDALL + KYLIE Striped Lace Back Shirt Dress (Rs 13,424)

Flattered By Flutter: KENDALL + KYLIE Flutter Lace Up Romper (Rs 6,278)

Mauve Stripes: KENDALL + KYLIE Metallic Striped Rib-Knit Cropped Sweater (Rs 5,452)

Colourful Camouflage: KENDALL + KYLIE Camo Bodysuit (Rs 4,475)

4 kendal and kylie jenner

Published on Sep 14, 2017
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