We Can’t Keep Calm Because Colour Changing Hair Is A Reality Now!

We Can’t Keep Calm Because Colour Changing Hair Is A Reality Now!

Remember that glass ball called ‘remembrall’ that Neville Longbottom received as a gift from his grandmother in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone? It changed colour every time he forgot something.

Or that scene from The Craft where all the girls sat together and tried to use magic to change Robin Tunney’s hair colour from brown to blonde and vice versa. How exciting was that?!

We often see these mesmerising objects that change colour in fantasy movies and till now, we used to think that these things have a buy-it-here button only in our dreams. But don’t reach to the conclusion so soon this time because Pravana is giving you a dose of magic in real life. Confused?

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Pravana is launching the first ever temporary colour changing hair colour ‘Vivids Mood Color’ on 1st September which will transform shades in seconds. It’s heat activated and will change your hair colour whenever your body temperature changes or you blow dry, use an iron rod and even when you just simply stand under the sun.


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There are four colour combinations available for now: violet to pink, smoky grey to invisible, lime green to yellow, and peach to invisible. You can mix and match the colours but they work the best on lightened hair and has no potential side effect. It will wash out with your shampoo so you can literally change your hair colour every single day. And believe us, it’s as enchanting as it sounds. So, pick your FAV!


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For now, these products are only available in selected Pravana stores and salons but we really, really wish it comes to India as soon as possible and we will keep you updated on that!

Can’t wait to see everyone’s reaction when someone’s hair colour will change just like Nymphadora Tonks from Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince (Potterheads, we are talking to you!).