Cute Prerna & Anurag Moments That Made Us Go 'Awww' This Week On Kasautii Zindagii Kay

Cute Prerna & Anurag Moments That Made Us Go 'Awww' This Week On Kasautii Zindagii Kay

When I first began watching Ekta Kapoor's reboot of Kasautii Zindagii Kay, I was sceptical and ended up drawing a comparison with the first week of the original. In the second week, I decided to ask the filmmakers some bizarre questions, and in the third, I made a list of all the ridiculous things that were happening on the show. Now, almost a month since the TV series began its journey, I can confidently say that I am in too deep. Ekta Kapoor has me personally invested in the lives of the lead couple, Anurag Basu and Prerna Sharma. Which is why this week I decided to make a list of all the cute moments this on-screen couple shared that made me go 'awww'. 

1. Anurag Consoles Prerna 

I agree that he thought she was his little sister when he found her crying in the washroom. But who knew Anurag had a sweet side to him? He consoled her through the door when she was sobbing inside the stall. And when he found out that it wasn't his sister crying in the washroom, he didn't take back his words. Instead, he said that his words still apply to Prerna, that he would always be there when she needed him, and that he'd always take care of her. Awww, am I right? 




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2. Anurag Gets Frustrated Over Naveen Forcing Prerna

At the dining table, when Anurag asks Prerna to pass him some food, Naveen squeezes her hand, making her super uncomfortable. Though the fact that nobody else at the table notices this exchange makes the scene shady, Anurag's frustration proved that he has feelings for Prerna. And it's about time! Sure, it was difficult to watch, which is why he got up and left the table, but I wish he had called out the creepy uncle instead. 

01 Cute Prerna Anurag Moments That Made Us Go Awww This Week On Kasautii Zindagii Kay

3. Prerna Gets Anurag To Try Something New

So, when he's dropping her back home, Prerna suddenly asks Anurag to stop the car. Why? Because she wants to go to roadside paan shop and make him try a paan, for the first time. I know it doesn't sound like a big deal, but the moment is just too cute for me to not mention it. The way she laughs and the way he smiles, you can see them falling in love. P.S. I'm way too invested now; how did this happen? 




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4. Dekho Baarish Ho Rahi Hai 

That typical filmy moment that never gets old, and never actually happens in real life! Standing on the road, eating paan, Anurag and Prerna are suddenly standing in the middle of a rain shower, and the romantic soul that Prerna is, she decides to get wet in the rain. Anurag, on the other hand, decides to sit in the car. However, seeing how happy Prerna is dancing in the rain, he decides to join her, and the moment, though cheesy, is super cute! 

02 Cute Prerna   Anurag Moments That Made Us Go aww This Week On Kasautii Zindagii Kay

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