7 Important Questions I Had After Watching Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 Last Week

7 Important Questions I Had After Watching Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 Last Week

Ekta Kapoor decided to bring back her most loved TV show, Kasautii Zindagii Kay, along with her favourite characters, Anurag Basu and Prerna Sharma. As most of you remember, I did a comparison of the first week of this show, against the first week of the original series. However, the second week of the show has managed to surprise me and well, I have to admit, even bore me a little. While I was expecting this week to include Mr. Bajaj's big bad entry, I was stuck with Anurag Basu's creepy and predatory uncle instead. 

Not only did he spend the entire week making Prerna increasingly uncomfortable, but he also had the same effect on me. So this man, Naveen Basu, is Anurag's uncle, his mom's foster brother and after two divorces, he is on a lookout for a new wife to creep on. Enters Prerna, crushed under the financial burden aka a loan that her family owes the Basus. It's a choice between marrying Naveen or losing her home, leaving her family on the street. 


However, as full proof as Ekta Kapoor might believe this storyline is, I have a few WTF questions about the second week of Kasautii Zindagii Kay

1. Is there no Mr. Bajaj? Because Naveen Basu seems like the villain of this show already. 

I don't think this show has any space for more drama, the role is being filled in perfectly by creepy, borderline pedophilic, Naveen Basu. 

01 - 7 Questions I Had After Watching Week Two Of Kasautii Zindagii Kay - anurag basu-prerna

2. Why were Prerna and Anurag not given any time to fall in love before you pulled them apart?

It is the second week and she's already locking herself up in a room and crying. Also, the triangle is supposed to be Hero-Heroine-Villain, not Heroine-Villain, and a hero, if he isn't studying or busy canoeing in the river. While Prerna is crying over the bridge, Anurag is catching her tears under the river in a picturesquely ridiculous scene. 

3. Why can't Prerna leave the decisions to the grown-ups of the house?

Girl, you're being irrational. You're still in college, you're just a kid making decisions on a whim in an effort to 'protect' your family. But, in reality, you're just making life more difficult for them. I mean, your parents can handle paying back a loan, you don't need to go sell yourself to Naveen Basu over it.

4. Prerna couldn't tell Moloy Basu (Anurag's dad) the truth because she was afraid her father would have a heart attack? 

That is just absurd! Kids, your parents aren't fragile little beings you need to 'protect.' They've gotten this far in life without any input from you whatsoever. You're just a spoiled child making things very difficult. You hear me, Prerna?

02 7 Questions I Had After Watching Week Two Of Kasautii Zindagii Kay-prerna

5. How could her parents be so helpless? 

As much as I sympathise with her parents and not agree with Prerna's stupid decisions, they're not in the clear mind either. Mr. and Mrs. Sharma, if your daughter is about to marry a harasser, you should be making a better effort at stopping her and not just yell 'no' when she tells you. For a dramatic family, you took this way too lightly. 

6. Is Anurag Basu going to spend the rest of the show being a mute spectator? 

Pardon my personal attack but, WTF, Anurag? Even if you aren't in love with Prerna yet, you're supposed to be her friend. And you're just going to let her marry YOUR predatory uncle? I have no idea why I've begun to take this show so personally, but I'm too invested to not call out Anurag on his bullshit. 

7. Is Prerna's best friend supposed to be a nightmare? 

Because Anjali, you're too busy drooling over Anurag Basu and being obnoxiously loud to notice that your best friend, Prerna is about to fuck up her life. Girl, you need to start paying attention and looking out for your BFF. 

Also, please leave Anurag alone. You're making him very uncomfortable and that's borderline harassment. 

03 7 Questions I Had After Watching Week Two Of Kasautii Zindagii Kay - prerna-anurag basu

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