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Then VS Now - *Which* Kasautii Zindagii Kay Should You Be Watching?

Then VS Now - *Which* Kasautii Zindagii Kay Should You Be Watching?

As we already know, Ekta Kapoor has brought back her decade-old TV show, Kasautii Zindagii Kay, starring Erica Fernandes as the new Prerna Sharma and Parth Samthaan as the 2018 Anurag Basu. The original version had Shweta Tiwari and Cezanne Khan in lead roles, with awkward acting through the first few episodes. When I first began watching the new Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2, I couldn't help but wonder if the show was doing justice to its legacy... if Ekta Kapoor had even grown as a storyteller. So, I decided to go back and watch the first week of Kasautii Zindagii Kay (2001) alongside Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 (2018) and compare the two. 

Who Is A Better Anurag Basu? 

Then: Cezanne Khan played Anurag Basu in the OG KZK but was replaced after a few years. Which, in my book, seems like a good decision because his acting made me want to shake him up. The man has zero expressions! I get that his character was supposed to be a personified 'timetable' but in my opinion, he was just plain boring. Cezanne was cute, though, wasn't he?

Now: Parth Samthaan, on the other hand, is pretty good looking AND also, a more interesting Anurag. He has an adorable smile, which he doesn't hold back from flashing. Parth aka Anurag 2.0 is also blessed with a better sense of humour than the old one. I know, at least, that he is genuinely interested in Prerna from his body language, even if he hasn't figured it out yet. 

Verdict: 2018 WINS! 




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Who Is A Better Prerna Sharma? 

Then: I'm not a huge fan of Shweta Tiwari but she did a pretty good job of keeping the show going. Despite Anurag trying very hard to bring the energy of the entire scene down, she managed to be perky...and TBH, a tad bit annoying. 

Now: Erica Fernandes is definitely a better and more experienced actress than Swetha was at that age. However, that doesn't stop her from being extremely loud throughout the show. While the old Prerna was a through and through extrovert, this one is still a bit awkward. 

Verdict: 2001 WINS!




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Which Version Has A Better Family?

Then: If you're throwing a family of 20 people at me, at least explain how they're related to each other! Because frankly, I can't keep up and don't even know half of their names. Too many people, too much make-up and a lot of unnecessary drama. And I just saw the first five episodes. 

Now: Still too many people, but they have been introduced better. Also, in the second version, Prerna's younger brother isn't played by a 30-year-old man, like in the original. Could anyone hear my sigh of relief? Prerna's family is legit always crying and Anurag's family is always pissed off about something, glad Ekta Kapoor provided them with a clear character sketch. 

Verdict: 2018 WINS!




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Which Version Has A Better Storyline? 

Then: I don't remember watching the entire show when I was young, but the fact that it lasted 8 years is enough to guess that it probably got really boring. As far as the first week is concerned, the storyline has just begun to form by the last episode - with Prerna and Anurag's dads proposing the two get married and the kids refusing. However, I AM intrigued enough to watch more. 

Now: The four episodes I've watched so far revolved around the Durga Puja, with Anurag and Prerna just beginning to acknowledge one another. But this version did manage to introduce a villain by the second episode, so, I have a feeling Ekta Kapoor isn't planning to drag this one for 8 years. P.S. The weird creepy uncle is making me very uncomfortable.

Verdict: 2018 WINS!




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So, 2018 wins this round of Then VS Now by scoring 3/4! I know what I'll be watching on TV, next week.

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Published on Sep 30, 2018
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