Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Komolika, Where Have You Disappeared After Your Grand Entry?

Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Komolika, Where Have You Disappeared After Your Grand Entry?

Ekta Kapoor's Kasautii Zindagii Kay revamp is officially 40+ episodes old and it has me asking just one question, where is Komolika? Of course, I wrote an article on her entry into the show, flashing her not-so-warm smile along with some outrageous clothes and jewellery. But ever since, there has been no sign or mention of the character on this daily soap opera. Prerna Sharma and Anurag Basu are officially in love and we have found out that Prerna's fiancé Naveen is a sex trafficker. But where is Komolika aka Hina Khan, the character the show milked for TRPs and then discarded after just 20 minutes of an episode? 

Well, here are my top five guesses about what Komolika is up to while the rest of the characters are positively confused about who they love and who they are (or aren't) going to marry. 

1. Killing fuckboys left, right and centre. Remember the last scene Komolika was a part of? She asked her ex-boyfriend to kill himself because she was done toying around with him. Remind me never to mess with a Komolika. 

2. Vacationing in Bali with her girlfriends, wearing an OTT lehenga on the beach, complete with those jhumkas and a kamarbandh. Komolika is the life of every party and probably spends her free time gossiping about Anurag and Prerna having an affair behind Naveen's back. 

3. While Naveen has been outed as a sex trafficker, we know that he and Komolika's father are very good friends. Does this mean that Komolika is involved, too? Is she somewhere in London plotting against the entire Basu family and helping Naveen get Prerna trafficked? 

4. Spending some quality time in Meerut with her mom. Since we last saw her travelling with her father, maybe it is time she gave mommy dearest some loving. 

5. Dreaming of Anurag Basu. Let's be honest, he has the most gorgeous eyes and his smile could light up a thousand stars... Am I getting too attached to this show?

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This hyped character hasn't made a single appearance since her entry and if that isn't frustrating, I don't know what is. Actress Hina Khan (who is playing the role of Komolika) is busy getting a shot at Bollywood. She has bagged a movie directed by Hussain Khan and even spoke to a leading newspaper about the same. "It’s a female-centric story. I also love the fact that it’s set in a time and place, where we are away from the hustle and bustle of city life, technology, daily rush and competition. I am also thrilled about challenging myself in a brand new medium."

When asked about not appearing on Kasautii Zindagii Kay from the past few weeks, she said, "I had prior commitments and the production house was informed about it before I was even signed on to play Komolika. Since the show hasn’t even completed six months, the makers didn’t want my track to start and then disappear for a bit. I will start shooting for the show immediately after my film’s shoot."

Well, I wish I knew this before I invested so much in the show. Come back soon, Komolika. The show isn't the same without your 'Nikaaa...'

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