13 Thoughts I Had While Watching Komolika's Entry On Kasautii Zindagii Kay

13 Thoughts I Had While Watching Komolika's Entry On Kasautii Zindagii Kay

Komolika, the biggest and most remarkable female villain on Indian television, has been bought back to life with the reboot of Ekta Kapoor's Kasautii Zindagii Kay. A show which I have begrudgingly begun to like. It began with comparing the first week of the OG Kasautii Zindagii Kay to the newer version and in my second article, I asked the filmmakers some absurd questions.

I've been watching the show for weeks now and there are some ridiculous things that are happening, but I do like the chemistry between Anurag and Prerna. Call me insane, but I'm enjoying the show as they fall in love. The problem right now is that Prerna is all set to get engaged to Naveen (Anurag's creepy uncle). Anurag, on the other hand, is hell-bent on getting the engagement called off because he thinks Prerna is making a huge mistake, and I agree. 

However, back to the case on hand, after two weeks of insane build-up, Komolika is finally here! In case you missed the last 15 episodes, Ekta Kapoor has spent more than half of the series showing us Komolika's hands and waist and acquainting us with her voice, and kinda annoying soundtrack. And when everyone was visibly bored of it, Hina Khan, the actress playing Komolika, finally walked in! Here are the thoughts I had when Komolika made her entry on Kasautii Zindagii Kay at Naveen Basu's engagement party. 




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1. So, Komolika is pretty overdressed, considering the fact that Prerna is wearing a simple saree. And the hype around her character is getting too much. 

2. Komolika reminds me of Urmila Matondkar from Chamma Chamma! Clad in half of a jewellery store, she is a sight to behold. 

3. Does Komolika always walk around with a hoard of people? She hasn't been alone in a single scene, always surrounded by her posse. 

4. She dropped her handkerchief on purpose... to see how many men would claw their way to her. 

5. Stop normalising eve-teasing! All the boys are staring at her like she's an object. And she seems to be enjoying it for some reason. 

6. Why is she pouting as she talks? Is that deliberate? Because if I recall correctly, Hina Khan is perfectly capable of talking without having a constant pout. 

7. Naveen's plan was that Anurag would forget about Prerna as soon as he lays his eyes on Komolika but... I don't see that happening. 

8. Komolika thinks she's irresistible to men and I'm starting to feel a little bad for her. 

9. Did she just use the signature Poo dialogue? That's blasphemous. 'Kaun hai yeh, jisne doobara mudh ke mujhe nahi dekha? Who is he?' is sacred. 

10. She hasn't even entered the house yet and I'm already annoyed with the soundtrack. If I hear 'Komolika' one more time, I'm turning this off. 

11. Thank god Anurag walked away. Let's delay this unlikely combination for as long as possible. 

12. I have a feeling Mohini Basu (Anurag's mother) is going to love Komolika. I imagine this is what she was like when she was younger. 

13. 'Boring party, boring people,' she says. And yet, Komolika doesn't leave. 

I'm looking forward to the terrible mess she's about to make, but I may turn the TV on mute every time I hear that soundtrack. 

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