Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 24: The Unexpected Mid-Week Eviction!

Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 24: The Unexpected Mid-Week Eviction!

Last night’s episode was full of baseless tussles. Shivashish and Surbhi fought over a blanket, Karanvir and Saba fought because the latter thinks that the former is betraying the singles’ team and Somi and Sreesanth fought because Somi is a snitch.

Anup Ji kept praising his lady love Jasleen as he watched her sing a beautiful song. Such love, much wow!

Amidst all the yelling and chaos, Bigg Boss took us viewers and the contestants by announcing a mid-week eviction. This came out of the blue, shocked everyone and made many contestants cry.

In case you missed who was evicted last night, we have the highlights for you. Here are some thoughts I had while watching episode 24 of Bigg Boss season 12. Read on!

1. Sreesanth has stopped Karanvir from crossing the wall, so, Karanvir is disqualified from the captaincy task.

2. Somi is creating a scene. Sreesanth is losing his cool. So typical of both of them.

3. Srishty has won the task! Probably one of her firsts!

4. Srishty and the Khan sisters are the contenders for captaincy. I want mine to become the captain of the house.

5. Urvashi doesn’t like the Khan sisters at all. She thinks they’re very manipulative. 

6. Shivashish has taken Surbhi’s blanket and she’s upset now. Kids!

7. Tera Naam Japdi Phiran! I love this alarm.

8. Jasleen is singing a song in the shower. Anup Ji is praising her like anything. Love, I tell you!

9. Somi complained about Sreesanth to Romil. She’s such a prick.

10. Somi and Sreesanth are fighting. Because Somi is a snitch.

11. The Khan sisters are bitching about Sreesanth and Shivashish. They have nothing else to do.

12. Surabhi and Shivashish are fighting over a blanket. And it’s getting ugly.

13. Mid-week eviction? OH NO!

14. Nehha, Karanvir and Sreesanth have been asked to go to the activity area by Bigg Boss.

15. Dipika is crying because she can’t let any one of them go. I feel so bad for her.

16. The contestants have to vote one of the three out. How’s that fair?

17. They have voted out Nehha. I’m not up for this.

18. But the audience’s voting will decide who’s getting evicted. Thank god!

19. And Sreesanth is eliminated. I am happy with this. Lately, he was being a pain in the ass.

20. Surbhi is yelling that Sreesanth was better than Nehha. Can she shut up right now?

21. Everyone is crying in the house. They all miss him.

22. Somi feels that the singles used Sreesanth. Such strong statements.

23. Sreesanth has entered the secret room. He and Anup Ji will spy on the inmates together. This should be interesting.

24. Bigg Boss just revealed that there will be a double eviction this week. Either Nehha or Karanvir will get evicted this weekend. WTF?


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