Ex-Bigg Boss Contestant Nitibha Kaul Reveals Secrets About The Reality Show

Ex-Bigg Boss Contestant Nitibha Kaul Reveals Secrets About The Reality Show

Remember Nitibha Kaul, a non-celebrity who entered the Bigg Boss house in Season 10 and left the house as a celebrity? Nitibha charmed the viewers with her honesty and steer clear of controversies policy. That Nitibha has become quite a diva now and has her own YouTube channel. She regularly makes videos to keep her viewers entertained. From doing covers of popular songs to giving TedTalks, Nitibha has carved a niche for her and is doing great for herself.




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You must be wondering why are we talking about an ex-Bigg Boss contestant when we have so much to talk about the ones currently entertaining us in the house, right?

Well, Nitibha has made an interesting revelation. She shared a video on her YouTube channel, where she told her audience 10 shocking secrets about the Bigg Boss house. Read on to find out what she said!

1. On Weekends, Food Was Prepared By Salman Khan's Chef

While we watch the contestants struggle with limited groceries through the week, they're asked to relax over the weekend. Salman Khan's chef prepares the meal during the Weekend Ka Vaar episodes. Contestants get a good break from eating the usual daal and roti and the chef prepares exotic food. Isn't that fantastic?

2. No Alcohol Allowed Inside The Bigg Boss House

Most viewers think that contestants must be having a ball inside the house, but contrary to the popular belief, carrying and consumption of alcohol in the house is strictly prohibited. However, smoking is allowed. Contestants give their preferences and the crew provides them with cigarettes they want.

3. Two Crores Penalty For Anyone Who Exits The House Without Being Evicted

Fights are common in the Bigg Boss house. But if any contestant wishes to walk out or tries to escape the house without being evicted, they have to pay a sum of two crores as penalty. No one can breach the contract they sign and if they do, they have to bear the brunt. 

4. The Crew Is On The Set

There is a crew of cameramen behind the glass mirrors. They keep a check on the celebrities and decide whom to focus on and pan the camera at. While the crew members can see the contestants, the contestants cannot see them through the glass mirrors. 

5. Blindfolds And Masks To Be Worn Before Entering The House

The Bigg Boss team likes to maintain some element of suspense and surprise for both its contestants and the viewers. The contestants are picked up from their hotel and tied blindfolds on their eyes and masks on their faces. This way, neither do they get to know exactly where they are being taken to nor do the crew members get to know who has entered the house until revealed. 

6. Fake Clocks In The House

The contestants inside the house do not get to know about what time it is. There are fake clocks in the house that don't work. While we are told what time of the day it is, the contestants are clueless. The morning wake up alarm is played at a different time every morning. It all depends on when the shoot was wrapped up the previous night. There's a mosque near the house, so the contestants try to guess the time of the day when they hear the azaan

7. Luggage Screening Before Entering The House

The luggage of all the contestants is checked multiple times before they enter the house. They are only given two bags. Certain items are not allowed to be carried inside the house like clothes with brand logos, sunglasses, blow dryers (they make too much noise near the mic), striped clothes (they jitter on camera), books, and watches.

8. Saturday Is Fun Day

Yes, you heard that right. There's no shoot on Saturday. It is lazy/leisure day for the contestants inside the house. Basically, it's a day off for them where they can get grooming done or relax the whole day. Footage from Friday and Sunday combined is telecasted as Weekend Ka Vaar for the viewers.

9. The House Is Cleaned By Staff At Night

Don't we keep watching the inmates fight over who is going to clean which part of the house? Yes, they actually clean the house themselves. What we don't get to see is that blinds are drawn at night outside the rooms of the contestants and cleaners come and clean the house to maintain the standard of the house since it was a TV show aired on national TV.

10. Special Requests Are Allowed

Since the contestants are only allowed to take their luggage in two bags, it's impossible for them to carry everything. In case they require something to wear on a particular day or any other item, the crew contacts their point of contact and gets it for the contestants in a week's time.

Shocked, aren't you?

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