Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 23: Surbhi And Shivashish Get Disqualified From The Captaincy Task

Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 23: Surbhi And Shivashish Get Disqualified From The Captaincy Task

Ever since Anup Ji has left the house, Jasleen has completely changed. She doesn’t miss him at all. In fact, she’s been spending a lot of time with Shivashish hinting at the fact that she’s single now. Didn’t we all know that it was all fake? But I didn’t expect her to flip so soon.

The house has been divided into camps, however, the lines are a blur. Romil, Surbhi, Deepak and Urvashi are one team and the rest of the contestants are in one team.

Surabhi has changed the atmosphere of the whole house ever since she has walked in. She’s aggressive, impulsive, loud and annoying. Clearly, she’s a wild card entry for a reason.
The captaincy task continued from the day before and a lot of uncalled for drama happened last night.

In case you missed out why Surbhi and Shivashish were disqualified by Bigg Boss, we have the highlights for you. Here are some thoughts I had while watching episode 23 of Bigg Boss season 12. Read on!

1. Saba feels that Sreesanth might touch Somi inappropriately during the captaincy task.

2. Sreesanth is really upset with Saba’s comment and wants to give up.

3. He is disqualified and Somi has won the task. I’ve started hating Sreesanth. What does he think of himself?

4. Karanvir thinks that the Khan sisters instigated Sreesanth and hurt him to win the task. I think Sreesanth is just plain stupid.

5. Deepak thinks that Sourabh is lying about the previous captaincy task. When will he get over it?

6. Deepak is yelling at Sourabh and is abusing him. Oh no! Shut up, Deepak!

7. Sourabh is crying because he’s hurt. I never saw that coming.

8. Shivashish wants to know the real story behind Jasleen and Anup Ji. I’m curious too.

9. Did Jasleen just say that she’ll reveal her camaraderie with Anup Ji to Shivashish after the show is over? I can’t wait now.

10. Race 2 title track! We’re back to good songs for the alarm.

11. Everybody is fighting with everybody. What is happening?

12. Dipika is limping. She’s hurt. Ouch!

13. Surbhi is impersonating Dipika. And she’s terrible at it.

14. Jasleen is feeling confused. She doesn’t know whether she should bond with the singles or Jodis. She should’ve been evicted with her partner only.

15. The contestants who played prisoners yesterday will be the cops today. The first one to get disqualified will become the spectator.

16. Deepak and Surabhi are the first set of cops.

17. Shivashish almost kicked Deepak. WHOA!

18. Surbhi pulled Srishty by her hair. I can’t believe this. Surabhi is such an animal.

19. Srishty is shivering. The entire house is against Surbhi now. Yayyy! Chuck her out!

20. Deepak is mad at Urvashi for not supporting him. Deepak is so demanding. I don’t even find him funny anymore.

21. Bigg Boss has disqualified Surbhi and Shivashish from the task because they were violent during the captaincy task.

22. Let’s see who wins the task tomorrow. 

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