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Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 18: Surbhi And Somi Engage In A War Of Cuss Words!

Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 18: Surbhi And Somi Engage In A War Of Cuss Words!

Bigg Boss is getting louder and uglier with each episode. Fights are getting worse. But there’s good news for Anup ji and Jasleen fans - they’re back together!

Surbhi Rana is getting out of control. Romil seems to be a different person altogether ever since he’s come back into the house with a new and more aggressive partner. Deepak is getting louder too. Surprisingly, Sreesanth has been quiet for two days now. Is this the silence before the storm? Could be. We all know him for his uncontrollable temper.

In the previous episode, Somi swore on her mother that she doesn’t want to become the captain this week and Saba stood by her. And now, all of a sudden, Saba is saying that she can’t be denied the opportunity to become the captain just because Somi doesn’t want to. These Khan sisters are in for a lot of scrutiny from the contestants and the viewers.

In case you missed the constant cussing and incessant yelling last night, we have the highlights for you. Here are some thoughts I had while watching Episode 18 of Bigg Boss Season 12. Read on!

1. Saba is complaining to Bigg Boss about how Nehha abused her during the task. Like she doesn’t. 

2. Nehha wants to give her balls to Saba. Why? This sounds so funny though.

3. Romil is collecting balls from the pool. Oh God. What about his mic?

4. Anup has forgiven Jasleen. Yay!

5. Nehha has no balls in her box. She’s been disqualified.

6. Jodis have won the task. I wanted Dipika to become the captain. But never mind!

7. I look forward to seeing which song will Bigg Boss play as the alarm. And today it’s Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai.

8. Anup ji is taunting Jasleen for choosing her makeup and clothes. Either leave her or get over it.

9. Jasleen thinks that Deepak doesn’t respect her. That’s just his tone.

10. Surbhi and Saba are fighting like animals. Will this turn into a catfight?

11. Surbhi has claimed that she will ruin Khan sisters. 

12. There will be a captaincy task between the jodis.

13. Shivashish, Surbhi, Somi have to hold on to a ring. Whoever holds onto it for the longest wins the task.

14. Nehha is the spectator for the task. She’s the fairest of all. Good pick!

15. Surbhi is yelling at Somi and my ears are bleeding.

16. Surbhi is killing it. She’s a professional trash talker.

17. And now she’s crying because she’s been showcased as the villain. What did she expect?

18. Somi wants to have raw eggs and Surbhi is a vegetarian who doesn’t like this. This could get ugly.

19. Surbhi broke the cup containing the eggs. WHATTTTT? She just destroyed Bigg Boss’ property. Where’s the penalty?!

20. Surbhi just snapped at Shivashish for no reason. Is she mad?

21. And now everyone is yelling at everyone.

22. Will anyone get disqualified or not? This is getting annoying to watch.

23. Somi has been disqualified. THANK GOD.

24. Let’s see how she reacts to this in tomorrow’s episode. 

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