Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 16: Anup Breaks Up With Jasleen!

Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 16: Anup Breaks Up With Jasleen!

Trust Bigg Boss to give you the most amount of entertainment at the comfort of your home. The show is full of drama, controversies, fights, yelling and crying. A lot of it. Bigg Boss Season 12 has been scandalising since its launch episode. Vichitra jodis versus singles is the craziest concept ever seen on Bigg Boss.

But did you ever expect a jodi to split in the house due to differences this season? That was the highlight of last night’s episode. Anup was disappointed in Jasleen for choosing makeup and clothes over him to such an extent that he broke up with her on the show. Their jodi was under scrutiny since the first day, given their age gap. And now, lack of compatibility has led to Anup and Jasleen parting ways.

Shivashish and Srishty ended up in an ugly tussle. Shivashish said something unpardonable to Srishty, which created a big scene.

In case you missed all the drama that happened yesterday, we have the highlights for you. Here are some thoughts I had while watching Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 16.

1. Karanvir is the kidnapper and Urvashi is the prisoner. And he wants Deepak to shave off his head and hair off his body without taking anyone’s help.

2. Deepak is shaving off his hair. WOW! I can't believe this.

3. Karanvir has lost the task and is nominated because Deepak has nailed it. Woohoo!

4. Jasleen is complaining to Dipika for her demands when she was the kidnapper. That’s so lame! Just admit it, Jasleen, you don't love Anup ji!

5. Surabhi thinks Dipika was too hard on Jasleen. Who cares about Surabhi? 

6. Srishty has kidnapped Sourabh! She wants his partner Shivashish to destroy all their clothes and shave off his hair.

7. Shivashish has negotiated a little. Now he has to destroy his perfumes. Ouch!

8. Srishty was just kidding. She doesn’t want anything. And he’s getting hyper. Is he stupid?

9. Srishty is crying. Oh damn!

10. Shivashish doesn’t want to talk to Srishty. He's such a kid.

11. Srishty is crying and wants to get nominated. Surabhi doesn't give a damn about this.

12. Dipika ain’t happy with Srishty’s decision. I'm with Dipika.

13. Sourabh is trying to talk it out with Shivashish but he wouldn’t listen ever. I feel bad for Sourabh.

14. Sreesanth is the next kidnapper and Saba is his prisoner. And he wants her to destroy their clothes and get a boy-cut.

15. After negotiations, she has to only cut her split ends. Why go easy on the Khan sisters, Sreesanth?

16. And Sreesanth is nominated now. Serves him right!

17. Deepak thinks that either Anup-Jasleen or Karanvir will get evicted. 

18. The Khan sisters are gossiping about Surabhi. This is the first time I am with them.

19. This morning's alarm is Beedi Jalaile. They need a new playlist.

20. Surabhi is trying to instigate Jasleen against Dipika. Can someone please hit her?

21. Anup is SO hurt. I can feel his pain too.

22. Srishty is singing He’s such a loser for Shivashish. Let’s hope he doesn’t snap at her.

23. Anup ji is about to say something. He’s hurt about how Jasleen failed the task. And he wants to split. WHATTTTT?

24. Jasleen is heartbroken. I don’t sympathise with her though.

25. Inmates are trying to convince Anup to reconsider.

26. Surabhi is a BITCH. She’s adding fuel to the fire.

27. The contestants are hating on Surabhi. Yayyy!

28. Anup ji and Jasleen are talking alone. Anup ji doesn’t want to be with Jasleen anymore. I am not sure if this should be Jasleen's punishment for failing to complete the task.

29. Romil is so fake. Why is he back in the house?

30. Srishty is telling Somi that Shivashish called her a pussy on national TV. Wasn't he singing a song?

31. Maybe not! He actually called her a pussy.

32. Deepak thinks that Srishty needs attention. Random much?

33. Shivashish is not feeling sorry at all. He really IS a loser.

Let's hope he apologises tonight.

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