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Bigg Boss Season 12: 28 Thoughts I Had While Watching Episode 2

Bigg Boss Season 12: 28 Thoughts I Had While Watching Episode 2

Bigg Boss Season 12 started with a bang. We got to see some eccentric pairs entering the beach-themed house. This season is the first where four contestants entered the house before the show was aired on TV for the viewers and the first to have two contestants getting evicted on the launch day itself.

Last night, Episode 2 of Bigg Boss 12 witnessed the first fight of this season between the Khan sisters Somi and Saba Khan and the other contestants in the house.

Another heated argument was between Somi and Sreesanth, who isn’t willing to forgive Somi and Shivashish for the silly prank they played the day before. While most inmates later forgave the two but the former cricketer seems to be more than just upset. And we all know about his temper issues, don’t we? Let’s see how he tames his anger.

In case you missed Episode 2, here’s a quick recap for you and some thoughts I had while watching it.

1. Sreesanth looks so upset, looks like he has taken the prank played by Somi and Shivashish to heart.

2. Sisters Somi and Saba are gossiping at 2.15 am? Sleep, ladies!

3. Saba is offering fake sympathy to Sreesanth. What a game plan!

4. An Akshay Kumar song for morning alarm? Good change!

5. Karanvir is teaching other contestants in which garbage bin to throw trash. Neela matlab geela, guys!

6. Srishty’s panda night suit is ADORABLE!

7. What is this spray Saba is using?

8. Anup Jalota is doing riyaz but Jasleen is singing Tan Tana Tan. Generation gap?

9. Deepak thinks the Khan sisters are actors.

10. The sisters are getting on my nerves.

11. Saba is a self-proclaimed captain.

12. Srishty’s impersonating skills are SO bad.

13. The house is teaming up against the Khan sisters.

14. Enter Shilpa Shinde and Karan Patel. Orange pants, doesn't Karan Patel look like an ice candy?

15. The Khan sisters don’t let each other talk. What a partnership?! Wow!

16. Did Deepak just call the sisters fake? Good job!

17. Sreesanth wants the Khan sisters to go to jail. WHATTT?

18. Saba and Somi are considered weak by the inmates. Serves them right.

19. Karanvir has challenged Roshmi and Kriti.

20. Deepak stole the show with his humour.

21. And Karanvir lost the conference round to Kriti and Roshmi. 

22. Sreesanth has challenge Sourabh and Shivashish and he has nothing to say? This could go against him.

23. Challenge has been scrapped because Sreesanth didn’t take the task seriously. Why would he be such a spoilsport?

24. The inmates are blaming Sreesanth because they worry this could affect the luxury budget. 

25. Somi is crying because Sreesanth insulted her by saying that his upbringing is not like hers. Now that's quite mean, Sree.

26. Sreesanth has taken off his mic in anger. And the drama has started in the second episode, normally it takes contestants many more days to come to this 'I won't wear the mic' stage. 

27. Karan is trying to pacify him. Why? Let him go, man!

28. When will Bharti come? Don't tell me it was a publicity stunt! We need one funny person in this lot of singers and their fans.

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