The Girl Next Door: 7 Simple Yet Effective Makeup Tips To Learn From Mithila Palkar

The Girl Next Door: 7 Simple Yet Effective Makeup Tips To Learn From Mithila Palkar

The bubbly, Mithila Palkar exudes the perfect *girl next door* vibes with her irresistible charm and personality. The internet sensation rose to fame with several short roles and my personal favourite, Little Things. She has definitely become the 'it girls' to look out for, don’t you think? While the internet is in love with her innate talent and on-screen presence, I love her natural curls and that infectious smile, seriously, how cute is she?

*girl crush alert*

But have you seen some of the makeup looks she rocks on a regular basis? They are so easy to recreate and perfect if you're new to the world of makeup.

Beauty Tips We Can All Learn From Mithila Palkar

Makeup has a that's power inevitable and using just a stroke of kajal elevates our look so much, right? If you're a makeup beginner, you might wanna save this as these worthy tips will ensure you have a fab makeup look every day!

Everyone bow down to the queen of minimal makeup - Mithila Palkar.

Nail The No Makeup Look


We all know that rocking the *no makeup* look actually involves a little bit of makeup, even if its a dab of concealer to hide our panda eyes. If you are someone who strays away from using makeup as much as possible, this look is perfect for you. A matte base, freshly blown-out hair, little bit of peach eyeshadow on your lids, complete with a nude lippie. This is perfect for when you're running errands but wish to look like you've showered today.

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Pink Is Always A Good Idea


No matter what your skin tone is, pink is always a great idea. Just a dash of pink to your eyes can take your look from drab to fab, especially for people with smaller eyes.

If you do have small eyes, using just one bright shade all over the lids can do the trick for you. Just let your hair loose, a flush of pink blush, apply eyeshadow on your lids and complete your look with a touch of a peachy-nude matte lipstick.


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A Big Nod To That Highlighter


A sweep of highlighter really does the trick, every single time. Even if you like to keep your makeup to a minimum, don't be afraid of that glow. It's going to make your skin look healthier, happier and hydrated!

Make Up


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Blue Rocks, Always


Basic cat eye can go home right now 'coz we are loving coloured eyeliners, hard. Usually when your outfit is louder than Cardi B shouting 'Coronavirus', people opt for a soft glam eye look so that you don't look OTT but Mithila stroke of blue eyeliner complements well with her colourful number, don't you think? Also, a nice way to look bright-eyed!

Monochrome Is Always A Fab Idea


Minimal is magic, indeed. Stalking Mithila for a good 20 minutes will make you realise that she LOVES the *no makeup* makeup look. If you look closely, you'll see that she has used one product all over her face; her eyes, cheeks and lips. This is a wonderful way to look glam in a pinch, especially if you're on the go. Just take one (very light shade) product and create waves.

You Don't Need Kajal To Define Your Eyes


A striking pink outfit and striking pink eyes- do you realise how genius this is? One shade on both her lower and upper lashes and that's it! Even your grandma can do this!


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Darker Shades Can Be Flaunted In Summers Too

We saved the best one for the last. A matte base, stunning wine-smokey eyes, dark berry lipstick, pink blush - where's the party tonight? Even though her makeup looks so striking, this is really easy to recreate, even on a hot hot, summery day!

Featured Image: Instagram

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