10 *Boyfriend* Memes That Are So. Damn. FUNNY!!

10 *Boyfriend* Memes That Are So. Damn. FUNNY!!
We love our boyfriends! They are sweet, adorable and just the best! They are also funny and stupid at times. We found some hilarious boyfriend memes on 9GAG and they’ll crack you up. These memes are super relatable and funny! Tag your boyfriend and laugh with him while you read these!

1. The perfect emoticon to describe our feeling for bae!

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2. What was he thinking?

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3. That moment when you feel like - Kill me, kill me now!

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4. Oh so romantic!!! *dies laughing*

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5. Well yeah, that’s a concern.

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6. Men will be men!

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7. Hahaha! Things boyfriend do… *laughs out loud*

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8. Enough with the poop talk man, seriously!

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9. This is sweet yet hilarious!

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10. Hahaha! Food is bae. Food is life!

10 Image Source You can find more such funny memes on 9GAG.