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Good Vibes Only: Our Favourite Beauty Quotes To Keep You Motivated In 2018

Good Vibes Only: Our Favourite Beauty Quotes To Keep You Motivated In 2018

When it comes to space, I’m big on good vibes. Just like your workstation, your bedroom could always do with a little bit of inspiration. Come 2018, and it’s a time for a fresh start. Take your chi to the next level by adding fairy lights, getting rid of the old (and the unwanted), bring in a little greenery and then, of course, these curated posters to always remember you’re amazing!

Here’s a chance to start fresh with my favourite beauty quotes!

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1. Don't Be Like The Rest Of Them, Darling!

Coz you are you slightly flawed but mostly fabulous. Put it in your bedroom as a reminder!

Buy here.

Beauty Attracts The Eye But Personality Captures The Heart

2. Beauty Attracts The Eye But Personality Captures The Heart.

Available in a two-toned print, this quote has more meanings than one. You can put it in any space that needs motivation.

Buy here.

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3. She’s SO extra!

And we love it! This one comes in rose gold making it perfect for a make-up addict’s dresser!

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4. Bra Off. Hair Up. Sweats On.

Ideal for those days when you are calling it a night or even when you got loads to do AND it looks perfect on a coffee cup. This should be on your table. Now.

Get it here.

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5. Brush Off The Haters

A perfect reminder to drown out the hate and treat it as white noise.

Buy here.

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6. Holy Chic!

‘Coz style is our religion. Buy here.

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7. Wash. Brush. Floss. Flush.

We think it’s perfect for your restroom. Agree?

You can get it here.

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8. Beauty Is Truth...

This poem by John Keats resonates with all things life. Love the vintage style?

Get it here.

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9. Everything Has Its Beauty, But Not Everyone Sees It.

This tiny nugget has a lot of wisdom. Hang it on your workspace.

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Published on Jan 2, 2018
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