Headed For Splitsville? Asim Riaz & Himanshi Khurana Unfollow Each Other On Instagram

Headed For Splitsville? Asim Riaz & Himanshi Khurana Unfollow Each Other On Instagram

Asim Riaz and Himanshi Khurana had us floored with their chemistry but now it seems like we won't get to see it in real life again. This Bigg Boss 13 fame couple has been together for almost one and half years but all good things come to an end, much like this couple. Himanshi and Asim seem to have broken up as the duo unfollowed each other on social media. And that's not all, the two have also started deleting all the #AsiManshi pictures from their profile. 

TBH, we're finding it difficult to accept that it's all over between these two. 

In fact, both Asim and Himanshi have been sharing cryptic stories for a while now. And after the following fiasco, Asim shared an Instagram story that read, "All I see around is snakes and fakes. They will do anything to get famous." 

Ouch! That sure seems like a dig at the Punjabi singer-actor. 

But Himanshi seems to have held her head high and we couldn't be more proud. Taking to Instagram stories, Himanshi shared two poems written by her, hinting that it was Asim who broke things off. In another story, the actress hinted that it's better to remain silent in order to prevent things from getting out of hands. Take a look!

Well, it’s time to curl up in our beds with that tub of choco-chip ice cream as we mourn the end of #AsiManshi

Just recently, Himanshi was featured on a billboard in New York's Times Square and Asim seemed to have been proud of the singer as he shared a picture of the same. This makes it even more difficult for us to believe that the duo called it quits.

For the unversed, Asim and Himanshi met on the reality show Bigg Boss 13 and fell in love. At the time of entering the BB house, the Punjab ki Aishwarya Rai was in a nine-year-old relationship. In fact, she openly spoke about her boyfriend during the show but that did not stop Asim from falling for her. And TBH, all the things that Asim did ---from making heart-shaped parathas to taking care of her, it all made us fall in love with him! 

Soon after, the Punjabi singer-actor broke things off with her boyfriend to explore her relationship with Asim. While the reality show might have ended, Asim and Himanshi were inseparable and their social media PDA kept us wanting more and more. The two also collaborated for a few music videos and we must say, their on-screen chemistry was just as good as their off-screen chemistry!

As much as we love #AsiManshi, we want Asim and Himanshi to be happy...even if it is while being away from each other.