Written In The Stars: These Are Your Worst Beauty Habits According To Your Zodiac

Ayushi VermaAyushi Verma  |  Jan 6, 2022
Written In The Stars: These Are Your Worst Beauty Habits According To Your Zodiac


We all have bad habits- yes, even Virgos (the perfectionists of the zodiac). But our quirks are beautiful, right? However, as far as our beauty quirks go, our star signs may play a major part in determining our bad beauty habits. From idealistic Libras who’d rather pick off their gel manicure than to put up with a chip out of place to sentimental Taureans who can’t let go of old makeup, our zodiac personalities can go some way in explaining the reasons behind our faux pas. 

So in order to prepare ( and protect) oneself and others who fall victim to these low-vibe pitfalls here is a list of each Sun sign’s absolute worst beauty habit. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Your Worst Beauty Habit According To Your Star Sign

Aries, you’re the worst offenders.


Sagittarius: Sleeping With Makeup On!

Sagis are adventurous by nature. You want to get out there, get going and experience as much as you can, which doesn’t leave much time for double cleansing, or even single cleansing. Pro tip- if you want to protect your skin, keep some cleansing lotion and muslin cloth on your side table for a quick de-gunk before you hit the hay.

Capricorn: Over-Exfoliating

Caps are practical by nature. They know that exfoliation is key to glowing skin and you’re up to speed to what makes a decent skincare regimen. Squeaky clean skin makes you feel fresh, just don’t overdo it. Go gentle and stick to twice a week at max. 

Aquarius: Not Drinking Enough Water

Aquarians are forward-thinkers. You keep yourself occupied in multiple projects which can keep you distracted from simpler things, like remembering to stay hydrated. While your symbol is a water-bearer, you could do with drinking some more of it yourself. Keep a water bottle handy and keep your skin hydrated with a thirst-quenching moisturiser. 

Pisces: Forgetting To Wash Your Pillow And Sheets

Pisceans are nurturers. But alongside taking care of your loved ones, make sure to take a moment to create a sanctuary for yourself. As you are a dreamer with an impressive imagination, a gentle cleansing ritual before bedtime and a fresh sheet will help. 

Aries: Not Using SPF

Aries are known for their impulsive and passionate personalities. You’re a born leader, you like to get stuff done but you are also patient. So you tend to skip the unnecessary steps that get bogged down with faff. One product that you shouldn’t flunk out on though, is sunscreen, so invest in a good SPF. 

Taurus: Keeping Old Makeup

Taureans are kind and dependable. But your sentimentally and practically mean you like to hold onto things which you probably don’t need. You might want to think about letting go of your old makeup, eh?

Gemini: Biting Your Nails

Geminis are fun, charming, expressive, and sociable to be around, but you can also be a little scatty and go from feeling on top of the world to nervy-woo. When your mind is set on other things, you tend to bite nails. 

Cancer: Playing With (And Oiling Up) Your Hair

You’re romantic and loyal, cancer. You’re a flirt and hair-flicker, and when you’re feeling nervous or bored, you tend to play with your hair even more, hence, you are best armed with a tin of dry shampoo. 

Leo: Heat-Damaged Hair

You are fab and you know it! You are the life and soul of a party. Your glamm game is next level. And, like your symbol, the lion, your mane is important to you. Just make sure you give it some TLC in between all that styling. Use heat protecting sprays and deep-conditioning masks.

Virgo: Spot-Squeezing

You’re a Monica Geller type. You like things to be orderly, zen and quite literally, spotless. So if an acne spot erupts, you can’t help but take matters into your hands to get rid of it. 

Libra: Picking Off Gel Manicures

Librans like balance and enjoy beautiful things like culture and art. You have high standards and a chipped mani won’t fit the bill. But rather than picking, do it right by getting it removed by a professional or soaking it off in acetone. 

Scorpio: Working Out In Makeup 

Scorpios are powerful, assertive and will push themselves to the max. But rather than hitting the gym with your makeup on, go barefaced, deep cleanse your skin after, and take some time to smell the roses, before you take on your next challenge.

Blame it on the sun sign!

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