Here’s The Winter Makeup Trend You Should Try, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Ayushi VermaAyushi Verma  |  Dec 1, 2021
Here’s The Winter Makeup Trend You Should Try, According To Your Zodiac Sign


Every season presents new opportunities to experiment with a new slew of makeup trends. In the summer, it’s all about dewy skin and neon hues, but the winter’s batch of beauty trends is nothing to scoff at. In fact, there are so many exciting looks to try out that it’s okay to feel overwhelmed. After all, everywhere we look is inspiration overload, from IG influencers to celebrities. But don’t you fret, as we’re here to help you streamline the beauty inspo process with a little assistance from- wait for it- your star sign.

Whether you’re a free-spirited Leo with a penchant for experimental looks or a spicy head-turner Gemini who’s been itching to try the two-toned eyeshadow trend – we’ve gathered the of-the-moment beauty trends that speak to every sign. From the sultry lip flip liner look to the fun “banana” eyeliner makeup trend, there are no bad matches here. Keep scrolling to find out your winter makeup trend courtesy of the stars, and let your zodiac guide you towards your specific style fit. 

Allow Us To Match Your Zodiac Sign To Your Perfect Winter Makeup Trend

Capricorn: Lip Flip Liner Trend

Humorous, stubborn, loyal and practical, Capricorns like to take all factors under consideration before making a decision. You don’t like to blend into the background, but you also don’t like to be the focal point. The lip flip lip liner trend is perfect for you because it will draw everyone’s attention to your lips and make you look red carpet-ready without the need for bold hues or eyeliner looks. 

Aquarius: Under Eye Blush Makeup Trend

Original, honest, independent, intuitive and super versatile, you probably feel most comfortable when your makeup focuses on your natural beauty. Keeping that in mind, you should try the undereye blush makeup trend which involves applying blush on the apple of your cheeks directly under your eyes to add a pretty flush to your face.

Pisces: Glossy Eyeshadow Makeup Trend

Pisceans live in a dream world of their own, so why not make your beauty look reflect that? As a romantic Pisces, you gravitate towards the glazed eyeshadow makeup trend that illuminates your eye when it catches the light as you bat your lashes. You can make this look your own by using hues you vibe the most with.

Aries: Inner Corner Eye Pop Beauty Trend

You are a trendsetter who’s always up for trying something new, no matter how daring it might be. As you’re usually the one who ushers in a new beauty trend, so we all look to you to see what you’ll do next. The inner corner eye pop is perf for you. It allows you to apply any colour eyeshadow to the inner corners of your eyes and is especially fun when you go for a monochromatic look.

Taurus: 90s-Inspired Skinny Eye Brow Trend

Loving, unshakable, reliable and practical rather than edgy and wacky, Taureans love styles that are timeless, chic and classic. The skinny eyebrow trend is a subtle yet striking and impactful way for you to try a new look.

Gemini: Two-Toned Eyeshadow Trend

Intelligent, quick-witted, curious and versatile, Geminis favour risque trends and will love the duality of the two-toned eyeshadow look. All you need is to choose two complementary shades to create a bold, eye-catching makeup look. 

Cancer: Banana Eyeliner Makeup Trend

Unlike the other signs, cancers love the practically of a romantic, timeless look and aren’t the ones to experiment. They would love something with a retro element like this ‘60s-inspired makeup look that will make you feel like you’re playing someone else for the day.

Leo: Reverse Eyeliner Beauty Trend

Leos love being in the spotlight so a beauty trend that draws attention to them isn’t something they’d be afraid to do. What better way to be a standout than sporting this reverse eyeliner look. Apply your eyeliner on the bottom lash line to get an impactful makeup look that’s perfect for the fire-loving sign.

Virgo: Soft-Focused Skin Makeup Trend

Creative, meticulous, hard-working and diligent, Virgos love a cut that’s as classic and pulled-together as their personality. This soft matte skin makeup trend is orderly and precise, so Virgos can breathe a sigh of relief. It allows you  to show off your easy-going personality while still feeling beautiful.

Libra: Double Winged Eyeliner Trend

Libras are all about balance in life and the same goes for beauty. Are you indecisive? (Classic Libra). It’s okay though. The double wing eyeliner trend is completely customizable and allows you to play to satisfy your ever-evolving spirit and mood – you can pull it off like a stunner.

Scorpio: Graphic Eyeliner Trend

Intuitive, powerful, dominant and determined, Scorpios can easily pull off something sleek and fierce. They need a makeup trend with endless possibilities. Enter: the graphic liner makeup look. It’s sleek, sexy and effortless and there are no rules with this look. 

Sagittarius: Glitter Accents Makeup Trend

Free-spirited, optimistic, driven and intellectual, Sagittarius are confident to follow their own tastes rather than the trends which means no trend is off-limits. However, as a Sagittarius, you were probably sold the minute glitter was mentioned. The glitter accents makeup trend can be done using a light-reflecting highlighter, shadow or even a glitter lip.

The stars have aligned!

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