Your Body Is Talking To You – Are You Listening?!

Neha GuptaNeha Gupta  |  May 5, 2016
Your Body Is Talking To You – Are You Listening?!


Let’s face it – most of us have lived that embarrassing moment when we dozed off because we were totally exhausted in front of other people. Or that moment when we suddenly realized that someone’s talking to us but we have NO idea what they’re saying! We are all so used to having our own way with our bodies that we quite conveniently ignore it every time it tries to talk to us – and tell us something really important! Ladies, our bodies often know how we are feeling much before we admit it to ourselves – so it only makes sense to hear it talk to us!

1. How your body tells you that you’re super-stressed

If you’re sitting at your desk, and suddenly feel a shooting pain in your back, or if you’re getting frequent headaches – you are under SO much stress! Please don’t equate stress here with “being busy” – accept it for what it actually is, something that’s way too much to handle. And if your BODY hurts, that’s because you are probably close to breaking under that pressure. Time to take a break!

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2. How your body tells you that you’re instinctively uncomfortable with what’s happening

You are in the middle of a meeting at work, or maybe at home with your family, and unexpectedly start twitching. This is your body’s way of telling you that you are feeling SUPER anxious and are just not comfortable in your present situation. Whether you’re socially uncomfortable around your in-laws or your colleagues – that twitch is not just a random reflex BUT the result of a major worry bothering you.

3. How your body tells you that you might just be in love!

Your food tastes better – WAY better. Even the same old daal and sabzi! Chocolate tastes sweeter, achaar tastes spicier… Basically, every sensation is heightened. Oh, you are in love. Not necessarily in a romantic relationship – but maybe with your work and situation in life. Life is happy for you, even if you don’t realize it in the everyday madness!

body is talking

4. How your body tells you that you are not really “coping”

You are struggling with an everyday name – and can’t help but wonder how is it that you can’t remember it. However “normal” it may seem, it is not – for it means your body is trying to show you how out of it you actually are.

5. How your body tells you that you’re losing focus

You have difficulty sitting still and often fidget with something or the other. Whatever it is that’s worrying you – whether it’s your boss, issues in your relationship or with your colleagues – it has started affecting your ability to concentrate. It’s your body’s way of telling you that there’s something you need to deal with.

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6. How your body tells you that you really, REALLY need to take a break

You are super-exhausted all the time, and even 8 hours of deep sleep is leaving you tired. Girl, your body is telling you to take a break from your daily routine. You need to unwind and rejuvenate. Please do not push yourself to keep working (or studying, or dealing with that complicated situation) – take some time out for yourself.

7. How your body tells you that you’re absolutely not ready for what’s happening in your life

You can physically feel your body turn cold. You know that phrase “getting cold feet”? It doesn’t apply just to those pre-wedding jitters, you know. Basically, this is your body’s way of telling you that you don’t want it – whatever the situation is.

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8. How your body tells you that your anxiety levels are skyrocketing

If suddenly, amidst everyday activities, you feel like your present world is unreal – and you space out – you are dealing with heightened anxiety. You are worrying TOO much about too many things and have trouble keeping the past, present and future in check. It’s time you slow down and rest a while.

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