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Dear Girlfriends, If He Does These 11 Things – Leave Him!

Dear Girlfriends, If He Does These 11 Things – Leave Him!

Dear Girlfriends,


Do not for a second doubt how awesome you are and settle for a guy who treats you any less. That’s the problem with us – we’re just too ready to forgive, and sometimes, too proud to even admit that we kinda fell for a jerk. So, here’s a quick reminder to all you beautiful ladies out there – if he does these 11 things, get up, turn around and leave. You deserve waaay better!

1. If he has anger issues and…

…gets either physically or verbally abusive. Please understand that violence does not only mean physically hurting someone else. If you find that he is often incapable of controlling his anger and resorts to smashing stuff, swearing and shouting at you – he is being violent. You owe it to yourself to walk away from such negativity.

leave the guy

2. If he lies to you about little things and manipulates you into doubting yourself.

If he is a compulsive liar, you will never be able to feel sure about anything he says. And the worst part is, it’ll affect your sense of emotional balance too – for even though both of you might know he is lying, he will, out of sheer force of habit, keep denying it.

3. If his ex has a major say in his life

Well, then let him and his ex deal with their issues!. Do not wait around for him to get over her if he can’t prioritise you over her already. You don’t wanna make someone your priority when you are only an option for them, right?

leave the guy

4. If he insists you “try stuff” repeatedly, even though you are openly reluctant…

If he can’t take a no, even though you’ve made your discomfort and hesitation clear…maybe he’s not in it with you for love?

5. If he doesn’t believe in your dreams…

…and wants to clip your wings and keep you next to him for his own selfish reasons! Now, do you really want to fly low to appease one man and his narrow-minded vision? No, right? Then fly away from him, while you’re still a free bird! No one should be able to tell you that you can’t achieve what you really want to.

leave the guy

6. If he makes fun of you in company, and then chides you for not being able to take a joke!

Well, you’re no joke, so let no one have a laugh at your cost. And seriously, there are enough guys out there who’d want to make you laugh instead!

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7. If he stares at every passing girl…

Or worse, makes coarse comments about them. This dude clearly has no respect for women in general. Stand up for what’s right!

leave the guy

8. If he’s “too busy” to be there for you at your worst moments

Whatever he’s busy doing, that’s what he loves more. Good for him, but then let him give all his time and attention to that. You just go on ahead and call your besties during your worst moments. They’ll always be there for you.

9. If he tries to micromanage your life

If he maps your every little movement and makes you accountable to him in a way that you feel the need to take his “permission” for every little thing you do – it’ll suffocate you. Or worse, strip you of everything that makes you you.

leave the guy

10. If he subtly blackmails you…

Does he keep threatening to break up with you? Or maybe keeps reminding you of your past relationships and feeds your fear of a possibly lonely future? Well, that is blackmailing. And that’s NOT what you need.

11. If he tries to hide you from his friends or colleagues!

We all tend to conceal our relationships from our families till we’re absolutely sure of them first – and that’s okay. But if he is hesitant about introducing you to his friends or colleagues…well, that’s just plain suspicious. He shouldn’t have to hide you from the world if he has nothing to hide from you.

leave the guy

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05 May 2016

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