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You & Your Bestie: 16 GIFS To Perfectly Sum Up Your Awesomeness

You & Your Bestie: 16 GIFS To Perfectly Sum Up Your Awesomeness

There are sides of you that only your best friend sees. Together the both of you are crazy, goofy, lame, inappropriate, inseparable partners in crime and you won’t have it any other way. Here are 16 GIFs that perfectly sum up your relationship. Seriously, what would you do without each other?

1. She hates everyone you hate!

1 you and your bestie

2. She knows everything you have in your closet by heart and always comes to the rescue when you need help deciding what to wear. After all, her closet is yours and vice versa.

2 you and your bestie

3. You can sob for hours with her about your crush not texting back/your ex’s latest FB picture with that girl you hate.

3 you and your bestie

4.  And somehow, she always makes you feel better.

 4 you and your bestie

5. No matter what, you always have a drinking buddy and no one else is as fun to drink with!

5 you and your bestie

6. She’s your number one dancing partner.

6 You and your bestie

7. She’s always down to do nothing but watch movies all day and eat popcorn and pizza.

7 You and your bestie

8. If only people knew how you both screenshot your conversations with others to send to each other and talk about.

8 You and your bestie

9. How excited you both get when something cool happens to one of you.

9 You and your bestie

10. This is her on your birthday.

10 You and your bestie

11. When you talk about your crush with her…

11 You and your bestie

12. And her face when he walks by.

 12 You and your bestie

13. Bouts of uncontrollable laughter when you’re around each other are so common – the two of you are used to people looking at you like you’re crazy!

13 You and your bestie

14. When the two of you are at any social event together…

 14 You and your bestie

15. The two of you sometimes have the most ridiculous fights ever, only ‘coz you love each other.

 15 You and your bestie

16. But no matter what, you always have the the best times together and are ready to take each other’s secrets to the grave! <3

 16 You and your bestie

GIFs: Giphy, Gurl, Tumblr, Bustle, Wifflegif

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19 May 2016

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