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This International Yoga Day, Try Out These 5 Poses For A Sculpted Face And Luscious Hair

Ommmmmm. That’s the sound we wanna make whenever we start our yoga session. Yoga instills in us a sense of calmness and relaxation and keeps our body hella fit and flexible. But did you know that there are infinite beauty-centric benefits that yoga has to offer tooo?

So to honor international yoga day this year and to ensure you make the most of it, we’ve rounded up our favourite yoga exercises that will help you get a toned face and luscious hair. From lifting your cheekbones to toning facial muscles and enhancing hair growth- these asanas will make you want to reach for the mat ASAP.

5 Yoga Exercises That’ll Help In Toning Your Your Face And Give You Fabulous Hair

Sarvangasana: To Keep Dullness At Bay


This pose helps in improving the blood flow to the head and face. Thus, leading to glowing skin. Sarvangasana also helps in tackling acne and enhancing hair growth. All you need to do is: Lie down on your back. Then raise your legs and back up to form a straight line. You can use your forearms to provide support to your body and keep your buttocks straight and up. Let your body rest on your shoulders with your hands keeping your spine straight. Keep your toes pointing outwards, your neck straight, and your eyes on your feet. Hold the position, inhale and exhale for a couple of seconds and then release.

Ustrasana: For A Voluminous Mane


If you are looking for cost-free ways to naturally tighten, tone, and brighten your face while inducing shine and volume to your hair, may we introduce you to your new BFF? Ustrasana can work wonders for your skin and hair. All you need to do is: first, kneel down on your yoga mat, make sure you keep your knees slightly apart. Then, bend backward and try to touch the soles of your feet with your hands. Look back while keeping your chest lifted up. Hold this position for a count of 5 before you release. It might be a little challenging to nail it at first but it is totally worth trying this yoga pose for hair growth.

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Sasangasana: To Combat Dull, Dry Strands


In a quest for fabulous hair? Well, your search ends here. This asana regulates blood flow to the scalp, practicing this every day for 2 minutes can give you a stronger and healthier mane. Stand on your knees on your yoga mat and bend your head down forward to make it touch your knees. Bend till the crown of your head touches the floor. Keeping your arms straight, stretch it backward, and try to hold your heels with your hands. Stay in this yoga pose for 5 to 10 breaths before releasing it. Take deep breaths in the process.

Facial Yoga: For A Tighter And Toned Face


If you wish to improve the efficiency of creams and serums, we’ve just the thing for you. This exercise will help you give your eyes a lift while reducing the undereye puffiness and dark circles. All you need to do is form a V with your fingers, place them on your brow, apply pressure, and then look up to the ceiling without tilting your head. Next, raise your lower eyelids to form a squint and blink. Repeat the process 10 to 12 times and finish by squeezing your eyes shut for around 10 seconds.

Matsyasana: For A Sculpted Jawline


Here’s a noninvasive facial treatment that firms and lifts your skin sans needles. Yes, we’re talking about yet another yoga asana i.e., matsyasana. This exercise is great in toning the cheek and giving a more sculpted jawline by reducing the appearance of a double chin. Just lie on your back with your knees bent,  lift your hips and tuck your hands beneath your buttocks, palms down. Inhale by pressing your elbows and forearms into the floor and gently arch your back to lift your torso up and away from the floor. Lift your chest higher to elongate your spine and gently tilt your head backward, letting the crown rest on the floor. Repeat the process 5 times.

No matter what, these feel-good asanas will make you say namaste!

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Featured Image: Pexels

21 Jun 2021

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