21 ‘Would You Rather’ Questions To Spice Up Your Night With Him

Isheeta SharmaIsheeta Sharma  |  Dec 6, 2016
21 ‘Would You Rather’ Questions To Spice Up Your Night With Him


Would You Rather is a fun and exciting game. While you can play it with anyone, anywhere and even use it as an icebreaker sometimes, there is something quite sexy about playing ‘Would You Rather’ with your partner. All you have to do is keep the would you rather questions dirty and exciting! The ground rules of the game are quite simple. You and your partner will take turns to ask each other questions. The questions have to have two different situations and you need to choose beṭween them. It actually helps you get to know each other better!

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So without any further ado, here are 21 sexy would you rather questions to get your night started! Would you rather… 1. Sext me or talk dirty out loud?

1 would you rather

2. Give me control or take control yourself?

3. Have sex on the sand or on the grass?

4. Have me kiss your chest or your neck?

5. Spit or swallow when going down? 5 would you rather

6. See me shirtless or pantless for the rest of your life?

7. Watch me shower or masturbate?

8. Have morning sex or night sex for the rest of your life?

9. Be on top or have me on top?

10. Watch porn with me, or read an erotic novel out loud? 10 would you rather

11. End a first date with a passionate kiss, or would you like to end a first date with sex?

12. I go down on you or you go down on me?

13. Have sex with the lights on or the lights off?

14. Get a sexy massage with peanut butter or maple syrup?

15. Pay for sex or get paid for sex? 15 would you rather

16. Only ever have sex in bed or only ever have sex outside the bedroom?

17. See me dressed up as a sexy librarian or an exotic dancer?

18. Try out new and crazy kinky sex ideas or have slow, romantic sex?

19. Be in a relationship with a totally submissive partner or a totally dominant partner?

20. Have multiple sex partners or one sex buddy, if you were single?

20 would you rather

21. Have sex with just one person watching, or would you rather have sex with 50 people watching?

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Put these questions to good use, ladies. *Winks*

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