This Menstrual Hygiene Day, Here Are 12 Vows I Am Making To My Vagina

Akanksha BhatiaAkanksha Bhatia  |  May 28, 2019
This Menstrual Hygiene Day, Here Are 12 Vows I Am Making To My Vagina


This World Menstrual Hygiene Day, I decided to do something to make my vagina happy. Every month, women of different ages go through menstruation, and though it can be painful, healthy periods are something we need to emphasis on. So, I am ready to take vows for my vagina, to make sure that it is happy, healthy and hygienic with these simple steps.

1. I will talk about periods, get rid of the stigma by discussing my menstrual cycle without feeling ashamed about it.

2. I will switch over to sustainable sanitary pads, or cloth pads in a bid to have a healthier period with fabrics that are gentle on my vagina and on Mother Earth!

vagina vows periods 01

3. I will use proper methods of disposal while throwing away a used sanitary pad. Step 1 – Roll the sanitary pad inwards. Step 2 – Wrap a layer or two of toilet roll around it to secure the pad. Step 3 – Throw it away in a separate trash can, away from food and other waste. Step 4 – Make sure that the dustbin is emptied every two days otherwise used pads begin to manifest bacteria. Follow the same with a tampon. P.S. NEVER flush your sanitary products.

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4. I promise to take care of my vagina during my menstrual cycle by changing my sanitary pad every four hours, if not sooner. This helps avoid the odour that rises from the blood and bacteria on the pad. If you use a tampon, you should change it every 4-8 hours to avoid toxic shock syndrome.

vagina vows periods 03

5. I vow to educate those around me about menstrual hygiene, from my household help to her little daughter who visits me.

6. I will use a hygiene wash every day to maintain a healthy vagina, but only after consulting a gynaecologist. Most people wash it regularly with water, but the wrong motion. You must always move from your vagina towards buttocks and not the other way around.

vagina vows periods 04

7. I promise to use just one form of menstrual product, either tampons or sanitary pads at a time. Using more than one product leaves you more prone to infections.

8. I will be aware of the underwear I use during my periods, making sure to stick to breathable fabrics like cotton. Also, I will be quick to change any infected or stained underwear, disinfecting it immediately to avoid growth of bacteria.

vagina vows periods 05

9. I vow that if I spot anything out of the ordinary during my periods, like a pad rash or dry skin, I will immediately consult a gynaecologist and not ‘google’ my symptoms.

10. I promise to stay hydrated during my periods to avoid any UTI (urinary tract infection) that I am more susceptible to during my menstrual cycle.

vagina vows periods 07

11. I vow to keep my menstrual products like tampons, sanitary pads, reusable pads or even menstrual cups separately in a pouch. This will keep the products clean and help avoid UTIs and vaginal infections.

12. I will help women around me get access to menstrual products, so they too can have a healthy and hygienic period. Click here to help

What are your vows?


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