Hooking Up: What Guys Think Vs What Girls Think!

POPxo TeamPOPxo Team  |  May 5, 2016
Hooking Up: What Guys Think Vs What Girls Think!


We’re not all getting to hook up when we want to. But sometimes, occasionally, when the universe is feeling extra generous, things do happen! And while the anticipation of it is quite equal for both – the guy and the girl – the thoughts running through their minds are quite different! Here’s a peek into how most hook ups actually go down. For the girl AND the guy!

1. When the day starts

Girl: Hmm. When was the last time I kissed someone?! I can’t even remember!!!

Boy: I gotta get some, maaaan!

hooking up 1

2. As time passes…

Girl: I gotta do something about this. This is a ridiculous state of affairs.

Boy: Who can I call? Oh yeah, X’s friend’s friend – SO hot! What was her name again?

3. Making arrangements

Girl: Listen, Y, that guy I met at your friend X’s party – what do you think about him?

Boy: Yo, X, bro – you gotta get everyone together for drinks this evening, man.

hooking up 3

4. Party time

Girl: Ooh. He’s here! So lucky!

Boy: YES. She’s here. SCORE!!

5. Timepass (A.K.A. Getting closer)

Girl: Shots shots shots

Boy: Shots shots shots

hooking up 5

6. Relocating to a friend’s place

Girl: Yay, PRIVACY!

Boy: Yay, PRIVACY!

7. In the middle of it

Girl: Oh god, do I have bad breath? Should have had some mint damn it.

Boy: So we’ve been kissing for a few minutes. Time to move to second base?

hooking up 7

8. REALLY in the middle of it

Girl: Is his hand on my boob? Wait. Which bra did I wear today?

Boy: So we’ve been on second base for a few minutes. Time to move to third base?

9. EVEN more into it

Girl: Hmm. SO. Should I? Shouldn’t I? Do I realllyyyy want to, though?

Boy: So we’ve been on third base for a few minutes. Time to seal the deal, right? RIGHT?hooking up 9

10. And how it ends…

Girl: Yeah, I probably shouldn’t be doing this when I’m so drunk…


11. Next morning

Girl: Good grief, what did I almost do last evening?!

Boy: Drank so much. Can’t remember anything.

hooking up 11

12. A little later in the morning

Girl: Hmm, is he going to call me? Should I text?

Boy: Hmm, is there pizza in the fridge?

13. Further in the day

Girl: Well, at least I got to make out with someone.

Boy: I gotta get some, maaan! *To a different friend* Where are we chilling tonight?

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