Of Sand Dunes, Temples & Pretty Lakes: Head To Pushkar For An *Unforgettable* Weekend!

Of Sand Dunes, Temples & Pretty Lakes: Head To Pushkar For An *Unforgettable* Weekend!

Are you tired of your routinely 'Netflix and chill' weekend plans and in need of a fun break? Look no further 'coz we've discovered a place that will help you relax, rewind and party in equal parts. Ever been to a town with sand dunes, hill views and enchanting forests - all in one? Welcome to Pushkar! Bordering the Thar Desert, the gorgeous Pushkar Lake and the Aravali mountains, this town of Rajasthan has enough sights to leave you spellbound for months.

From marvelling at its beautiful views and engaging in fun activities to visiting its colourful fairs and exploring ancients temples, Pushkar has something unique to offer in every nook and cranny. So, if you're looking forward to a fun-filled weekend (although I bet you wouldn't be able to leave so soon), here are some things you NEED to do in Pushkar for an unforgettable mini-vacation.

1. Attend Evening Aartis At The Pushkar Lake


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There are always some experiences which instantly warm your soul and strike a chord with you. Attending the evening aartis (holy prayers) by the ghats of the Pushkar lake will surely be one of them. As the sky turns golden-red, a beautiful view will begin to unfold before you. You'll know an aarti has begun when you hear the sound of the temple bells slowly ascending into the flow of music and followed by religious chants and hymns from all corners of the lake. Before you know it, the lake will start sparkling with illuminating lights from the diyas and a sweet smell of incense will fill the air. Although there are many ghats, the most important aartis happen on Varah Ghat.

2. Make A Wish At The Magnificent Temples


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Pushkar is home to around 500 temples which makes it one of the most popular choices for holy pilgrimages in the country. Nestled atop the hills which provide breathtaking views of the Pushkar lake, these temples are one of the finest examples of Hindu architecture and serve as a wonderful, spiritual getaway from the chaos of the town. The most renowned temple of all is the Brahmaji Temple which is dedicated to the Hindu god, Brahma who is said to be the creator of the universe. Other noteworthy temples include Varsha Temple, Raghunath Temple, Savitri Temple and Raghunath Temple.

3. Immerse Yourself In The Beauty Of Ratnagiri


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Engulfed in the splendour of Aravali mountains, lie the prettiest of hills known as Ratnagiri which should be on the bucket list of every first-time visitor to Pushkar. But there's one catch. You need to climb up the hill to experience the magic of its reward! Whether you love hiking or not, this hike will fill your heart with the utmost happiness. It starts from the south-west side of Pushkar Lake till the point where you see a quaint little temple, known as the Savitri Temple. And this two-hour journey will feel most rewarding when you experience the scenic view of the sprawling town of Pushkar from atop!

4. Camelback Ride Or A Jeep Safari, Anyone?


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Pushkar offers a plethora of exciting activities to lure all kinds of adventure junkies or free-spirited travellers. Although hot air balloon riding and ropeway swinging remain in popular demand by tourists, their most enticing experiences include camelback riding and jeep safaris across the desert. You can either choose to enjoy the picturesque views of a desert and the swooshing sound of the winds crashing the sand dunes on a camel ride or a jeep safari of 20 km, making you witness the best of attractions across Ajmer and the Aravalis. Try going in the evenings to experience a glorious sunset at dawn!

5. Explore The Rich Culture At Pushkar Fair


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The best highlight of Pushkar is, unarguably, the town's most lively and colourful celebration of life at its Pushkar mela that takes place in late October and lasts until the first half of November. As one of the most popular fairs in the country, it's a perfect amalgamation of Rajasthan's unique traditions, festivities and cultural vibrancy. It showcases several dance performances, entertaining live bands, thrilling swings and ferry rides, games, races and an unlimited array of authentic Rajasthani cuisine that'll make you want to stay as long as possible. It is also one of the country's largest camel, cattle and horse fairs which brings tourists from across the globe to witness this spectacular event for one whole week!

6. Experience Zen At Pushkar Yoga Garden


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If you're in the mood for some rejuvenation in the calming serenity of nature, the Pushkar Yoga Garden will be an ideal choice. Inspired by the ancient stay of an 'ashram', this garden is surrounded by a beautiful lake with a great view of the hills. The trainers help you understand the intricate and nuanced asanas of Yoga along with meditation and several other Indian therapeutic methods of healing. You'll not only end up feeling more refreshed than ever but unveil an even better version of yourself - mentally and physically - after each progressive session.

7. Devour Yourself In Yummy Street Food


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Being home to several temples, this place serves pure vegetarian food, only. And yet, its finger-licking street food and authentic Rajasthani cuisine will not let you reminisce the flavours of meat! Served piping hot and fresh, their flavourful samosas and kachoris NEED to be indulged at Shri Pushkar Raj Shahi Kachori Samosa Bhandar. The vendor serves it with spicy pudina chutney and some sweet saunth (made from tamarind and jaggery) on top of them! Apart from this, The Aroma Hotel's authentic dat bati churma and Rajasthani thali with Radhey Ji restaurant's malpuas will give you major #FoodGasms.

8. Do Some *Colourful* Bazaar Shopping


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No trip is complete without some cute, souvenir shopping. But try spending a day at Pushkar's bazaars and you'll find yourself never wanting to leave it - neither the streets nor the town! From the widest range of colourful Rajasthani clothes, leather products and handmade decor to unique handicrafts and stunning jewellery, these streets are always bustling with tourists in search of anything and everything they need. No matter where you stay, a visit to markets like Sarafa Bazaar, Bada Bazaar and Kedalganj Bazaar is a must to end your trip on the happiest little note.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your next weekend for this amazing place ASAP!

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