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Perfume Layering: Be The Scent-er Of Attention By Creating Your Own Unique Fragrance

Perfume Layering: Be The Scent-er Of Attention By Creating Your Own Unique Fragrance



Who wouldn’t love to create their own signature scent, a fragrance that only defines you — your scent! We’ve already seen so many celebrities jump on this opportunity and create lines of perfumes under their names. But what if we told you that you can create a fragrance suited just for you, and no, you don’t need a professional ‘nose’ or a lot of money to do it. We’re talking about the art of perfume layering. This process has been around for years and it’s a great way for anyone to create their own signature scent. Intrigued? Well, keep on reading to find out more about this new obsession that’s got everyone smelling like a million bucks.

What Is Perfume Layering?


While there are plenty of perfumes in the market to suit your different moods, its originality and mystery are quickly lost as soon as you find someone else wearing the exact same thing. Here’s where fragrance layering comes to the rescue. As the name suggests, the art of perfume layering is all about blending different scents together, and it’s not only limited to your perfume bottles. It can include mixing body wash, cologne, Eaux de toilette, fragrant waters, scented creams, lotions, etc. to create that unique smell. Just like using different outfits to create your own style, in the same way, when it comes to perfume layering, you’re using different scents to create a smell that’s unique to you and which matches your mood. After all, if you can have a unique fashion sense, haircut and even maybe a go-to makeup look that defines you, why not a custom scent that matches your personality perfectly?

Where To Start?

what is perfume layering


When we talk about perfume layering, we don’t just mean spraying on multiple perfumes. The entire process starts from your shower, everything in between and finally ends with a perfume. So that means, your scented body wash, scented creams and body lotions all play an important role in perfume layering.
If you don’t have the time to go through the entire process, you can try the quick and easy way by spraying different scents on your pulse points. When it comes to perfume layering, don’t afraid to play around with different fragrances.

Perfume Layering Rules To Keep In Mind


Perfume layering is sort of an art form and so there is a certain method to follow. While you do have the freedom to mix and match different scents together, there are a few rules to keep in mind to avoid smelling like a hot mess.

Understanding The Different Layers

Understanding The Different Layers



Every fragrance has 3 different layers. The top note which is the fresh and vibrant smell that develops directly after spraying it on. The middle note which is warmer and softer and the third or bottom note is what stays on you after a couple of hours. It’s important to keep these notes in mind while perfume layering.

Start With Fragrances That Have A Common Note

Start With Fragrances That Have A Common Note


If you’re new to fragrance layering, start by trying out scents with similar notes, e.g floral and fruity before moving on to opposite fragrances, e.g. spice and floral. Also, make sure you layer on the stronger scent first, followed by the lighter scene so that the former doesn’t overpower the latter. That means, ideally, it should be 1 spray of the heavy fragrance followed by 2 sprays of the lighter fragrance.

How To Make It Last

How to make your  perfume last


What makes a perfume long-lasting? When the fragrance molecules bind to the oil molecules in your skin, the smell can stay on for long hours, this is why it is important to keep your skin properly moisturised before spraying on the perfume. Fragrances stay on longer on moisturised skin as compared to dry skin. 

You are unique, so shouldn’t your fragrance be too? Now that you’re familiar with the art of perfume layering go on and create a scent to match your style and mood.

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20 Oct 2020

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