5 Amazing Perfume Facts That'll Blow Your Mind

5 Amazing Perfume Facts That'll Blow Your Mind

Ladies, did you know that the ancient Egyptians were the first ones to invent perfumes? Apparently, the Egyptians linked their perfumes to their Gods. Some say that the Egyptians believed that perfumes were the sweat of their sun god, Ra. At that time, to make perfumes, the Egyptians used three popular ingredients - opopanax, myrrh and frankincense. Much later on, these fragrant liquids grew popular among the Greeks, Romans, Chinese, Indians and Arabs. There are many more amazing facts about perfumes you have yet to learn about. Let's check 'em out!

5 Amazing Perfume Facts We Bet You Did Not Know Of

Allow us to enlighten you!

You Can't Smell Your Own Perfume

There's a legit term for that, you know? It's called 'nose fatigue' or 'olfactory adaption'. Apparently, our noses can only pick up a perfume scent after the first use. After multiple uses, the nose registers the scent, gets familiar with it and slowers its response to the scent. Which is why most perfume shops offer you coffee beans to sniff on after trying on perfume because it breaks the scent and allows your nose to smell other scents. 

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They Can Improve Your Mood Instantly!


Spraying on some perfume is a great way to improve your mood instantly. It acts as a feel-good stimulant and makes you feel energised and calmer after use. Sniff on perfumes with fruity, floral and citrus scents when you're in a dire need of a mood booster. Thank us later! 

Perfume Scents Change Throughout The Day

Every perfume is made up of three important notes - top, heart and base. The top notes are subtle and don't last for very long. Heart notes, on the other hand, last for a longer period of time because they contain stronger herbal, spice and floral scents. However, base notes last the longest because they contain powerful scents such as amber, musk and wood. How long a perfume is able to linger on your body depends on the climate, skin's pH and of course, one's lifestyle choices.

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There Is A Perfume That Smells Like Bacon


Nope, not kidding! The Bacōn by Fargginay perfume actually smells like smokey bacon. Discovered by a Parisian butcher in 1920, he realised that the scent of bacon elevates his customers' moods. The perfume is made from 11 pure essential oils and has a mild essence of bacon. It costs 36$ (Approx 2,600 Rs) and is not available in India yet. Apparently, the perfume is such a success that it is out of stock on their official website too! 

All Perfumes Are Unisex

Clever marketing has conditioned us into believing that both, men and women, should use different perfumes. The shocking truth is that all perfumes are unisex. It honestly depends on the wearer's perfume preference at the end of the day. No perfume is too masculine or feminine for one if they identify themselves with that particular scent. 

From all these interesting perfume facts, which of these caught your attention the most? Do tell!

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