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23 Things You Can Understand If Your Man Is WAY Taller Than You

When they said “opposites attract”, we bet they weren’t exactly talking about height! Yet some of us are dating boys much more blessed than us in the vertical department. From the downright adorable to hilariously awkward, here are 23 things that happen when you’re dating a “tall-y”.

1. You always have to stretch for kisses and hugs. You’re now a pro at standing on your tiptoes.

dating a tall guy

2. The house ladder has become redundant. But you’ve considered getting a step ladder for your make out sessions.

3. You have learnt to walk in his shadow (literally!)

4. You can’t hear the end of “Imagine how tall your kids are going to be!”

dating a tall guy

5. You inevitably end up teasing him with “How’s the weather up there?” He usually responds with an eye-roll.

6. There’s no such thing as a non-awkward public display of affection.

tall guy

7. Even if someone hadn’t noticed that you are vertically challenged, now they do!

8. You don’t need yoga, because all-that-stretching!

dating a tall guy

9.On the bright side, you feel tiny and protected by his towering presence.

10. You always have someone to reach the top shelf for you. It’s also super-convenient when you’re trying to stuff your bag in the overhead bin on an aircraft.

dating a tall guy

11. You look up to him for everything. Something he never gets tired of teasing you about!

12. Holding his hand is super-uncomfortable. Instead you end up holding his arm.

dating a tall guy-

13. There’s no such thing as romantic walks in the rain, as sharing an umbrella is no easy feat.

14. He’s basically a forehead/ nose-kissing factory.

15. You have to wear sky-high heels every time you go out together. Ouch!

dating a tall guy

16. You find it really easy to spot him in a crowd.

17. You end up cutting off his face in most of your selfies.Thank God for selfie sticks!

tall guy

18. You have to crane your neck to look at him, and for those long kisses. You are wondering if you’re going to need a neck brace soon.

19. You have to tell him to slow down when you are walking next to him. It’s NOT possible to keep up with his long strides without breaking out into a run.

dating a tall guy

20. You basically have super toned calves, because hello, you’re on your tip-toes all the time!

21. Too short to actually be able to watch that concert? No problem, he will – for real – pick you up.

tall guy

22. Every time you’re on a staircase, you make sure you go up ahead of him. So that you can turn around and kiss him on the lips, which are – for once! – at level with yours.

23. When he hugs you, it feels like a big teddy bear is keeping you safe.

tall guy

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06 May 2016

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