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13 Things About Kissing We Bet You Didn’t Know!

13 Things About Kissing We Bet You Didn’t Know!

Most people enjoy kissing, and some enjoy it a bit more than the rest. We bet you felt good while kissing, but did you also know that kissing is actually good for you, healthwise? Yes! And it actually helps you remain happier?! Read on to find out more strange yet fascinating facts about kissing!

1. It makes your immune system stronger!

There has to be something good coming out of the exchange of saliva from one person to another, isn’t it? Different germs get to and fro, which apparently helps our body become resistant to newer kinds of bacteria and germs – which in turn makes our immune system stronger!

2. The logic behind tilting our head (to the right)!

According to German researcher Onur Güntürkün’s observation, almost two thirds of the world tilts towards the right while kissing – apparently this tendency arises while we are in the womb itself. As most of us are right handed or right footed, this preference involuntarily comes in! 2 facts about kissing

3. Why do we close our eyes?

We’ve all noticed, we end up closing our eyes while kissing because our pupils tend to dilate, which makes it difficult to focus and everything seems a bit blurry – thus it’s an automatic reaction, to close our eyes!


4. The best way to find your Prince Charming!

Of course, we’ve all heard the story of a girl kissing the frog and he turns into a prince. It’s kinda true! You can find your most suitable match by kissing someone and knowing if you are compatible with each other! It really is in the first kiss – that’s another reason we remember our first kiss more than the rest of the stuff! 4 facts about kissing

5. Women can enjoy it more than men!

Women find romantic kissing more satisfying when they are close to ovulation, which means it’s more likely they get pregnant during that period if the kissing is good! Also, they can even get an orgasm while kissing – mouth orgasm. Did you know?!!

6. It reduces your levels of stress!

Yes, that is true! While kissing, our brain releases endorphins, which brings about calmness. Thus kissing in the mornings before the start of the day can help you kickstart your day on a positive note and help you take on the world confidently. 6 facts about kissing

7. You get a “high” after a good kiss!

This happens because of the release of the “happy hormone” dopamine, which makes you crave kissing even more. This might also be the reason why there is often a loss of appetite and sleep after a good kissing session.


8. It builds chemistry between two people

The oxytocin or the “love hormone” that is released while kissing is a very important part of one’s relationship as it helps develop feelings of attachment and harmony between two people. Couples who have been together too long need to indulge in more kissing to keep the spark alive! 8 facts about kissing

9. Some people are scared of kissing too!

There are some people who have an extreme fear of kissing and this is called philemaphobia. Not only do they themselves stay away from this act, but they cannot even handle looking at people kiss and respond in an awkward manner.

10. It’s like exercise!

Making out for an hour can help out burn 120 calories. So, kissing is good for us! It helps lower your blood pressure and increases the flow of oxygen – this can only be beneficial for the heart too, right? Besides, burning calories also stabilizes your heart rate! WOW! 10 facts about kissing

11. It’s almost like getting a face massage!

While we engage in the act of kissing, over 30 facial muscles are used – and as the muscles flex, we get tighter and firmer skin. Next time you want to spend money at the salon, consider grabbing your partner and get down to smooching instead!


12. The other senses play a huge rule…

The way your surroundings smell, the sound that is playing in the background, the location you are at while you are kissing…all of this makes the kiss even more meaningful and fulfilling. Thus it’s true to say that it is one eventful act in our lives! 12 facts about kissing

13. It is more hygienic than shaking hands!

The amount of germs which are passed on are higher when shaking hands, scientists say. Because our saliva contains natural fluids that act as our body’s internal disinfectants, whereas our hands have no such protection against the environment. Who would have thought?! Images: Tumblr, Shutterstock

05 May 2016

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