Long-Distance Loving: Effective Ways To Keep The Sexual Spark Alive If You’re In An LDR

Chhavi PorwalChhavi Porwal  |  Oct 8, 2019
Long-Distance Loving: Effective Ways To Keep The Sexual Spark Alive If You’re In An LDR


Long-distance relationships may pose many challenges at you, including not seeing each other for a long time, but it also offers a lot. You may not get to enjoy intimacy regularly or a dinner date every weekend but LDR makes your sexual chemistry even more exciting!

Just because you can’t be physically there for each other, doesn’t mean you have to wait for the spark to come alive when you meet. There are so many playful ways in which you can keep your sex life hot ‘n’ happening in a long-distance relationship. Read on to find out how!

7 Effective Ways To Keep The Spark Alive When You’re In An LDR

When you’re free, he’s not. When you have an off, he’s working. When you can plan a trip, he can’t. We all know the troublemaker an LDR can be, but love doesn’t see distances. There are a lot of things you can do to spice things up when you meet each other but what can you do while you’re apart? Check out these amazing ways in which you can make your loved one feel close regardless of the distance.

Never underestimate the power of sexting


For beginners, sexting is just perfect–not too extreme, not too blah. Try sexting with your SO throughout the day. Throw in a little bit of flirting too. It’s not too direct and maintains intimacy while keeping the awkwardness at bay. You can also share pictures of the lingerie you’ve just bought…with you in it *wink wink*.

Exchange NSFW scenes from your favourite films

We all have that one favourite erotic scene from Bollywood or Hollywood films that can get our thoughts rolling. Share your favourite intimate scene with your bae and ask him to share his. It won’t just make the moment count but will also make your partner understand better what you like and dislike in bed.

Write your own erotica & share it with your partner

We Heart It

It doesn’t matter if you’re a writer or not, a fantasy storyline is always on everyone’s mind. Pen it down and leave it to your partner’s imagination to bring it to life. Instead of browsing through adult sites, write everything that you feel like doing when you meet him. And be as descriptive as possible!

Video call each other regularly

Apart from the distance, time is your second enemy when it comes to long-distance relationships. You’ve got to understand that dedicating some time to your partner is all the more important in LDRs. As per your and your partner’s comfort, fix a time for video call and try your best to not skip it. Somedays, call it a date night and have coffee or dinner with each other, on the others, call it a movie night and watch a movie together. And while you’re on a video call, you could striptease to sexy music…or each other’s instructions. You can play online (read role-playing) games too!

Plan spontaneous visits or vacations


Plan a trip to a hill station or a beach on special occasions. If a trip seems like a difficult idea, find time to surprise visit him. Also, if you’re visiting him after a long time, don’t forget to carry along a quirky gift that he would love. 

Leave behind *sexy* surprises when you visit

Catch your partner off-guard by leaving a pair of lingerie, your perfume or a small letter that’ll remind him of your time together. You can hide it in his backpack or luggage when he comes to visit you or at his place when you go to see him.

Talk about your next meeting


When you’re missing your partner and they can’t be around, daydreaming is one of the best ways to pass through the moment. Talk to them about the things you did when you met them last time and discuss the things you plan to do when you meet them the next time. Get into the moment and let them do the same.



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