9 Surprising Things That A Long Distance Relationship Teaches You About Yourself

9 Surprising Things That A Long Distance Relationship Teaches You About Yourself

Long distance relationships are hard and there’s no doubt about that. They always leave you wanting more - more time to spend with your partner, more memories to make, more romantic dates, more hours to talk to each other, more data to video call and a lot more understanding from each other to keep it going. It teaches you how to cooperate and love someone from miles away. It teaches you patience, trust and going the extra mile; quite literally. But, most importantly, it teaches you a lot about yourself. How far are you willing to go to make something work; especially when it's something born out of love. It reinstates your belief that true love can conquer cities and oceans, alike. Here are some good, some bad and some utterly honest things you can only learn from a long distance relationship!

1. You are way more independent than you thought

Not that you would ever need to be dependent on your boyfriend for something but it's only natural to expect a few favours from someone you love. In a long distance relationship, you learn to love as equals. It's about meeting halfway emotionally. You know that you're in it together and you're willing to share the load, just as much as your partner. It can be as easy as taking care of your dog or as hard as putting up with your mood swings during your period. But not having that person around all the time makes you more independent than you ever wanted to be.

1 things a long distance relationship teaches you

2. It makes you strong

You know how you thought ‘this is the end’ when they were leaving for another city but look at you today - you've successfully worked out your long distance! That's the thing about being in a LDR - it makes you work harder than before on a relationship. The trials and tribulations are more than a normal relationship; owing to distance and the fact that you can't always be with one another. And that's what makes you stronger at handling any hurdles that come your way, together. Being away from him has made you stronger and helped you face the bad days and the temptations. You know you can do it all now.

3. You know exactly what you want

Being away from him has given you a new perspective. You've had enough time apart and together. You've also had enough doubts creep into your head as much as you've had your emotions overwhelming you. After all the fights and all the compromise, you know why you keep coming back to each other. You're very sure about yourself and what you want. And this relationship is what you're willing to work on because it's what you desire; whom you desire.

3 things a long distance relationship teaches you

4. … And you know exactly how to communicate that

Whether you shout at the top of your voices till you lose it, or whether it's a calm discussion about your lives and how you need to understand each other. As long as you're communicating about everything to each other, nothing else matters! Even if it's the littlest thought in your mind, communication is key.  

5. You know what makes you feel great! *wink*

Thanks to a lot of phone sex and solo sessions; owing to your love being in a whole other city, you are now a pro at figuring out what works for you and what doesn't, when it comes to sex and pleasure. In fact, over time and the long conversations, the two of you have mastered the art of expressing to each other what feels good and what doesn't. 

5 things a long distance relationship teaches you

6. You learn to enjoy your own company

It’s funny how much you miss not having him around, but you, ironically enough, also like reading that book or lazing around on a Sunday afternoon. It’s just something you like doing by yourself. It's easy to lose yourself to someone else in a relationship. But, the real relationship is one that encourages you to find yourself and be comfortable with your solitude.

7. You stop taking things and people for granted

Being apart and away fromm one another has instilled in you the value if your person and what the two of you have. The fact that you cherish the moments you spend together dearly and yearn for the time when you would be together again is what has taught you to appreciate your partner, and never take them for granted. You know how fleeting all your meetings are so you end up valuing everything a lot more than you initially intended. Little things give you more joy now than ever before.

 7 long distance relationship learn

8. Your time-management is on point

The fact that the two of you have differnt schedules, amidst which you need to make time for one another has made you a champion in time management. You've got your career, friends, family and love life well sorted and you've scheduled in time for each otheer in the day; no matter how busy life gets. Your career is as important to you as the person sitting miles away. This helps you to stop procrastinating and learn how to make time for everything. Yes, everything that’s important. 

9. You learn when to hang up…

The endless conversations get tedious; not to mention, take a toll on your daily life - sleep cycle, work life and so on. Over time, one of the most important lessons you learn from a LDR is when to hang up the phone. Be it after a fight, during a small tiff or when you know just talking about something overr and over again won't help. You learn to cool down and give the other person enough space. In the sense, you learn the fine art of balancing your emotions by neither bottling them in nor letting it go all at once.

9 things a long distance relationship teaches you

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