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8 Steps To Finding A Job On LinkedIn!

8 Steps To Finding A Job On LinkedIn!

From the moment you sign in on LinkedIn, you are constantly overshadowed by competition. So what sets you apart? What changes can you make to your profile in order to gather extra attention? Scrolling endlessly and applying to every job application that pops up on the app isn’t the solution. I scouted the profiles available online and found similarities between the most popular ones. Here are a few pointers that you should definitely take into consideration to help you find a job on LinkedIn.

1. Keep Your Profile Updated

This shouldn’t be something you procrastinate or slack off at; especially when you’re looking for a job. Because you will invariably be judged on your LinkedIn profile and how well it’s updated, so constantly update your profile with articles, likes and dislikes. Look at the job applications available at least twice a day. Instead of your fifth Instagram scroll, turn to LinkedIn. Make it one of your most frequented social media apps for best results.

01  job on linkedin

2. Write A Crisp Bio

Everything you have worth saying needs to be communicated in 100 or 200 words max. Keep it short and smart, feel free to brag but don’t sound cocky. Find your closest ‘writer’ friend and hit her/him up for a favour. Although, we suggest that you take out a little personal time to work on this yourself. That’s the only way you add a real and personal touch to your profile.


3. Fill Up Your Experience Section

All those internships you’ve been a part of, all the NGOs you visited during college, or the community service that you may or may not have been forced to be part of – it all counts. Every little thing matters, you have enough space to fill up, put in all the little tidbits of life information that may be relevant.

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4. Get Recommendations

Stock up on recommendations from anybody and everybody you’ve ever worked with, or interned under. These may seem small to you, but the recommendations pop up on the other person’s wall as well, making you popular on their feed.

5. Make Connections

From that girl you never spoke to in school, to that college senior who is now a successful graphic designer, all connections matter! You will most definitely not look like a creep; LinkedIn is all about active networking and anyone who’s not doing it doesn’t deserve to be on LInkedIn. It’s true. As long as you don’t incessantly message them.


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6. Link Websites That Have Your Work

If you’ve ever designed, written or helped set-up a website, make sure to update the links on your profile. Keep them as direct as possible, just the article with your name in it, mentioning which work is your contribution.   

7. Add All Your Details

Your school, college, what you specialised in, every piece of information is important. Did you take a trip to climb the Himalayas during your high school summer break? Put it down, because that’s the kind of adventure streak most companies are looking for.

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8. Get Your Keywords Right

While looking for a job, make sure you use clear keywords, especially if you have a specific position in mind. But, if you’re just browsing through, then terms like ‘management,’ ‘communication,’ and ‘writer’ will help you explore vast areas.

Good luck, ladies!

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22 Nov 2017

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