5 Ways To Embrace Your Natural Beauty This Women’s Day

Sharon AlphonsoSharon Alphonso  |  Mar 5, 2021
how to celebrate women's day


Can you believe that even in the year 2021, women still get told what to wear, how to do their makeup and how to get rid of body hair? The pressure to look like a woman, walk like a woman and talk like a woman – still prevails in our society. It’s about time women take control of their lives and live it according to their terms. This Women’s Day, we hope that you have the courage to be fearlessly authentic and bravely be you. 

5 Modern Beauty Ways To Celebrate Yourself This Women’s Day

May you look into the mirror and fall in love with the person you see! 

Shaving Is So Passé

Ladies, body hair is not disgusting. Nature has given it to you for a reason. Body hair helps to regulate our temperature, keeps us warm and protects us from friction and environmental stressors. In a way, the pandemic has also relaxed beauty standards. With nowhere to go and no one to meet, it saves us the trouble and pain of getting our body hair removed. 

Let Those Brows Grow

grooming eyebrows


In 2021, tweezing and plucking your brows every 4 weeks is such a waste of precious time. Unless they come in the way of your vision or something, you don’t have to groom them – leave them alone. Maybe a trim here and there, but that’s about it! Again, the reason we have eyebrows is to prevent dirt, sweat, water and debris from falling onto our eye sockets. 

Allow Your Nails To Breathe

Before the pandemic, many women would opt for acrylic nails and gel manicure. No doubt, they looked glossy and neat, but what they did to your natural nails is terrifying. Each time you get your nails done, you damage your natural nails by making them weak and brittle. Plus, that UV radiation to harden the gel polish can damage the skin around the nails. Opt for regular nail polishes or nail strengtheners as they’re safer and gentler on your nails and the area around them. 

Embrace Your Natural Locks

woman taking care of hair


In the name of beauty, most of us subject our locks to extreme heat and chemical products. We don’t give our hair the chance to heal and recover from the stress we put it through. The best thing to do is to take a break from hot tools and products. Befriend hair oils, conditioners and hair masks – these products have your hair’s best interests in mind. 

Give Makeup A Miss

Makeup is personal to each one of us. It empowers some, and others can do without it. However, it is good for your skin? Not really. Wearing too much makeup can clog the pores, cause breakouts and make your complexion look dull. The lesser you depend on it, the better it is for your skin. After all, makeup does look better on healthy skin. If this too difficult for you, opt for skincare-infused makeup instead. They are makeup products that have skincare benefits in them. 

This Women’s Day, remind yourself that you have don’t have to look a certain way to feel beautiful or empowered – you already are. 

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