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10 Virtual Care Package Ideas To Send Your Best Friend While You Both Socially Distance

10 Virtual Care Package Ideas To Send Your Best Friend While You Both Socially Distance

It’s been over three months since we’ve all been at home and honestly don’t know when we’ll be able to go out. While the first few months everyone was being more or less positive’, trying to keep their anxiety at bay, it now seems like loneliness has caught on to some people. Humans are social animals and physical touch can do wonders for our mental health and that’s exactly the one thing we can’t do during this pandemic.

We’re sure you must be missing your friends and they must be missing you too. So why not make them feel extra special and send over a virtual care package to them?

Fill it with their favourite beauty products, add in a few candles, a handwritten letter and fill it with loads of pyaar- we’re sure it’ll make them super happy!



Products You Can Add For A Care Package That Your Bestie Will Love

A warm shower to wash the stress away

Everyone seems to be working more than normal these days and you’ve got to remember that you’re working during a freaking pandemic. This is a stressful time to be living in, to say the least. This coffee bath scrub is all she needs for a relaxing and rejuvenating warm bath. 

A sheet mask fixes most things, if not all

The power of a sheet mask cannot be questioned. I truly believe that a sheet mask a day keeps the anxiety away (well, that and therapy). This one by The Face Shop is filled with serum and contains ceramides that act as a moisturising solution to dry, rough skin. Who will not love it?

Roll the worries away

A small act of self-care in the day can do wonders for one’s mind. Facial massages are known to be stress-relievers and jade rollers work best for that. They also stimulate circulation and encourage lymphatic drainage which in turn detoxifies the skin. They also draw away toxins, allowing a gentle toning and lifting effect. The natural cooling sensation also helps in calming, depuffing, and soothing the skin.

DIY mani-pedi time

Even though salons are open now, most people are not venturing there because they’re not sure about the safety and hygiene protocols being followed. So treating nails and hands to a good ol’ at-home mani-pedi is an amazing idea. 

Hair deserves some pampering too

Looking after one’s hair is just as important as looking after one’s skin and a hair mask can be great. This one has a fully organic and herbal formula and is specially formulated for dry and brittle hair. It promotes hair growth and deep conditions tresses. She would totes love it!

Scented candles that soothe everyone

Scented candles are perfect for enjoying some ‘me time’. Since all of us are at home all the time, scented candles are a great way to relax. Let her meditate, journal, or take a nice, long bath and light this to get the full resort experience right at home.

Add Some Love


A note for someone special

The care package is not complete without adding a personal touch to it. Write her a letter by hand cause we just don’t do that anymore or if not, send her a long email reminding her of her beauty, love and character. Let her know that you miss her but are glad she’s staying safe. It’ll make her day, trust us!

Mixed tape with her fave retro hits

There’s nothing that a good ol’ throwback Bollywood playlist can’t fix. Send her a mixed tape (well, you can just send her an Apple playlist) and put in all her fave 90s hits. We’re talking Shah Rukh Khan, Saif Ali Khan, Rani and Preity. We can already picture her having a dance party alone!

A subscription that she’s been meaning to buy

Since all of us are spending time on our laptops, buying a subscription works well. If she already has Netflix and Amazon, get her a Hotstar subscription. You can even buy her some books on Kindle if she’s more of a reader.

A Playdate edit of them

We have spent our entire quarantine binge-watching Playdate edits of celebrities so making one for your friend will make them jump with glee. Use an editing app on your phone or use Final Cut Pro. Collect videos and photos and surprise them with a little video to say that you love them!

We could all do with some love and fuzziness during this time, right?

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07 Jul 2020

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