Vidya Balan Breaks Down As She Addresses Body Shaming In An Empowering Video

Kavya VashishtKavya Vashisht  |  May 30, 2019
Vidya Balan Breaks Down As She Addresses Body Shaming In An Empowering Video


As much as we love Bollywood and the iconic movies it has given us, we have to admit the industry has a major issue projecting a healthy body image. 

With an annual output of 1,986 feature films in 2017, the world’s largest film industry has an immense reach. But there is something that the filmmakers need to remember – with great power comes great responsibility. 

To address this issue, Vidya Balan recently posted a new video. In it, the actress can be seen addressing the issue of body shaming. She’s used the help of popular songs from Bollywood movies to share a strong message.

Watch the full video here: 

The video went viral as soon as the Kahaani actress shared it on social media. Vidya Balan, who has often been schooled about not been an “ideal body type”, talks about her ordeal with body shaming.

Vidya posted the video on her Instagram handle with an empowering caption: “Let’s talk about BODY SHAMING!! Most of us are potential victims of ‘body shaming’ – the widespread phenomenon of receiving cruel feedback when our bodies don’t meet the unrealistic beauty standards of our time. Here’s my take on Body Shaming. Tune in to ‘#MuthootBlue #DhunBadalKeTohDekho with Vidya Balan presented by Muthoot Fincorp’, from Mon-Fri 7-9pm, only on 92.7 BIG FM Muthoot India VWoman #KhudSeKhudKaRishta @bigfmindia”

The video begins with Vidya singing, “Kabhi tu moti kahta hai, kabhi to chhoti kahta hai…” Tears roll down her eyes as she goes on talking about how jokes are directed at a person’s body, eyes, complexion and height, which leaves a permanent impact on his/her life. Vidya is wearing a black sari with a dupatta wrapped around to hide her body. At the end of the video, she throws away her dupatta and addresses the camera confidently. The impactful message in the video struck a chord with the audience.

The video went viral in no time with the hashtag #DhunBadalKeTohDekho. Her fans gave the actress a big thumbs up for not mincing her words and putting the right message across. Her idea of ‘being comfortable in one’s own skin’ resonated with a lot of people. The netizens had all the good things to say about the actress’ empowering video.

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Vidya Balan is one of the most talented actresses in B-town. But she has been severely trolled and received unnecessary criticism about her body. Ditching the size zero wave, Vidya has always flaunted her gorgeous curves.

In an interview with a daily, Vidya accepted that coming to terms with her own body has been a ‘long journey’. She said, “I think the best gift I have given to myself is that I won’t let anyone make me feel differently about my body today.”

1 vidya balan

The actress has also inspired several others to be comfortable in their own skin. She had a befitting reply for all the trollers who fat shame women: “The people who fat shame others should be ‘ashamed’ because they are the ones that have something unchangeable, while body and weight issues can still be tackled.”

Despite being a victim of body shaming, the actress has always promoted a positive body image. Kudos to you, Vidya! We couldn’t be more proud.

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