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Weekend Binge: 9 Bollywood Celebs Giving Us A Sneak Peek Into Their Beauty Routines

Weekend Binge: 9 Bollywood Celebs Giving Us A Sneak Peek Into Their Beauty Routines

Watching makeup and skincare tutorials on Youtube is so satisfying, right? And ever since Instagram unveiled their IGTV feature, uploading and sharing longer videos became oh-so-easy. Discovering new products, learning about new makeup techniques, discovering beauty hacks, and even makeup reviews. Especially now that we cannot step out of our homes ‘coz of Coronavirus, watching makeup and skincare videos has become our saviour.

And who knew that our Bollywood starts could be so good at doing their makeup? Or that they too take skincare seriously and indulge in some me-time every now and then. A lot of them also love to whisk up a great DIY, just like us. I was surprised to learn of some beauty hacks our stars had up their sleeves!


Bollywood Stars As Makeup Gurus And Skincare Experts? Sign Us Up!

Here are some of our fave Bollywood stars, doing their makeup and skincare routines. Be prepared to be mesmerized!

Disha’s Pink Moment

Disha Patani’s monotone pink look is so easy to recreate! We love how she’s already gearing us up to slay this summer.


Katrina’s Glam Avatar

Who knew Katrina was a MUA in the making? Ever since she launched her own beauty line, she has been killin’ it. And those tips she’s giving? Bookmark them, guys!

Hina Khan Emphasising The Importance Of SPF

Okay, this is not really a tutorial per see but Hina definitely highlights some important points on how to keep our skin protected, why one should listen to their dermatologists and never forget how important SPF is. 


Sana’s DIY Mask For Glowing Skin

If you wish to shine bright like a diamond Sana, she’s spilling her secret on how she manages to keep her skin looking so flawless!

And that’s not it, she also shared a DIY face mask recipe that works wonders! Here’s Sana’s recipe:


Home pack 💥
For boys and girls 😊
Benefits :
Uneven skin tone
Adds glow and lustre to your skin
Tan removal

Honey 🍯(1 spoon)
Turmeric (1 spoon)
Lemon 🍋 (few drops)
Milk 🥛 (1 teaspoon)
Yoghurt (1teaspoon)
PS: Make it like a paste n plz measure ingredients according to your use. Keep it for 15 to 20 mins n rinse with cold water 💦
U can use amba haldi doesn’t leave stain n if incase it does plz use micellar water n clean it or moisturise it n wipe ur skin works ♥️

Take notes, ladies, take notes!


Nargis Embracing All The Colours Of The Rainbow

Nargis Fakhri has been getting bored in her house a lot lately but her hilarious TikTok videos are keeping us entertained. Recently, Nargis did a playful makeup look and needless to say, she did an amazing job.

Jacqueline Showing Off Her Sexy Mane

Sri Lankan beauty, Jacquline is not a newcomer to the world of beauty (remember she has her own eyelashes in collab with Huda Beauty?). Well, this is the secret to her amazing hair! 


Tamanna Bhatia’s DIY Mask For Amazing Hair

Thanks to Tamanna Bhatia, we shall have only good hair days from now on.

Nia Sharma’s Makeup Preferences

This is neither a makeup tutorial nor a skincare video but, telly actress Nia Sharma is revealing her makeup preferences and if you share her style, this sneak peek into her life is the next best thing!


This was really satisfying, right?

Ps: Stars? They’re just like us!


Featured Image: Instagram

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09 Apr 2020
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