Wear Your Heart On Your Nails: 5 Flirty Valentine’s Day Manicures You’ve Gotta Try

Aayushi PareekAayushi Pareek  |  Feb 3, 2021
best valentines day nail art designs


Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating the power of love. While many of us may or may not be keen to celebrate this day, we can definitely use it as an excuse to dress up our nails! And why not? Sporting cute, tiny heart in the shades of red, pink or even white colour palettes–what’s not to ‘love’?

Time to get in the spirit of love and try these flirty manicure designs that are perfect for this month! From tiny hearts to colourful lines, we guarantee you’re going to fall in love…with these manis! *wink*

Valentine’s Day Nails

Time to show some *love* to your nails with these #InstaWorthy Valentine’s day nail art designs.

PS: You’re going to be obsessed.

We ❤️ This So Much


How adorable is this nail art? And if you love *little hearts* too, then you should totally think about recreating this today.

– Apply two coats of nude pink nail paint on your nails and let them dry.

– Using a red liquid eyeliner, draw tiny hearts on your nails and then fill ’em up.

– The nails are your canvas–you can draw multiple hearts, circles and even dots.

– Once done, let them dry and then put topcoat.

Voila, your nails are #LoveApproved.

‘Coz Who Doesn’t Love Candycanes?


Remember how at the end of every episode of The Powerpuff Girls, multiple hearts would flash on screen? Of course, you do! This mani is giving me similar vibes!

And if you wish to recreate this stunning design yourself that looks like candy cane’s distant cousin, then we’re telling you just how!

– Collect white, pink and red polishes and let’s begin.

– Apply two coats of nail polish on 2 or three fingers and leave the rest to create some awesome designs.

– To create these waves on your nails, you’re going to need a fine brush. Just dip the tip into the nail polish and draw an incomplete heart on your nails. Let it dry for 2-3 minutes.

– Clean the tip of the brush and draw another heart on top of the one you just made, but with a different colour. Repeat till you’re satisfied with your design.


‘Love’ For All Things Holographic


This shiny mani is so easy to recreate and would hardly take 5 minutes to recreate but we bet you’ll be getting compliments about this every day. Here’s how to dress up your nails today…

– Stick tiny stickers on your bare nails using nail glue.

– If you are satisfied with how they look, then let them dry for about 2-3 minutes or otherwise, move their position.

– Instead of sealing the deal with topcoat, paint your nails with holographic nail polish and you’re done!

‘Coz Who Doesn’t *Love* The Barbie Fantasy?


Seriously, how cute are these bubblegum candy nails?

They are really easy to recreate. And if you are determined to show off your DIY side on your date night, then let’s begin:

– Paint any three nails with a stunning pink matte nail polish and let them dry.

– Using a fine tip brush, draw tiny hearts on your bare nails by dipping them in the same nail paint. And if you want your nails to look extra AF, then you can totally use a glitter polish too!

– Just wait for your nails to try and off you go to show off your pretty mani on Instagram!

And For Everyone Who Hates Valentine’s Day


Hahahaha! If you really do not like Valentine’s Day, then this mani is perfect for you!

– Apply any nail paint of your choice

– Either using a coloured liner or a fine brush, draw a heart on your nails and fill it up.

– Let it dry for about 5 minutes. Next, take a super fine brush and write your true feelings inside the heart.

– You can also show your creative side by designing around the heart and once you’re satisfied with your design, seal it.

And if you want to see the easiest tutorial on how to draw tiny hearts on your nails, watch this…

Which one of these are you gonna sport on V-Day?

Featured Image: Instagram