23 AWESOME Ideas To Celebrate Your Next Birthday!

Gayatri SahayGayatri Sahay  |  Jun 24, 2016
23 AWESOME Ideas To Celebrate Your Next Birthday!


Trust us, the same old clubbing and shots routine can get as boring for you as it can for your guests. So why not try out something totally different this year for your birthday?! We have an awesome list of things to choose from and we bet you’ll end up having an awesome time!

1.  Bottomless Brunch

… Instead of being out all night why not organize a brunch party?!

1 birthday party

2. Arts and Crafts Party

… You guys could paint wine glasses, make jewellery; whatever comes to mind!

3. Theme Park

…. There are tonnes – from water parks to adventure parks. Go online and have a look! It’ll be an awesome day out!

4. A Breakfast Party

… You could have it all from croissants to all kinds of eggs! What better way to start the day?!

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5. A Fancy Dinner

… If you think you want to do something a bit more “grown up” this year then why not make a reservation somewhere nice and only invite your inner circle?!

5 birthday party

6. A Movie Marathon

… Get your friends to pick their fave movie and bring it over!

7. A Potluck Lunch

… Everyone makes something and you end up with loads of yummy dishes to choose from! A just-food, no-gifts party!

8. Selfie Party

… Get everyone to write down a selfie idea and then, as the night progresses, make sure you get these shots clicked! What an awesome way to collect memories!

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9. Road Trip

… Or plan a spontaneous road trip with your gang of friends!

9 birthday party

10. Weekend Away

… This one has to be planned in advance! Log on and find somewhere fun to go for the weekend with your besties!

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11. Slumber Party

… There’s nothing wrong with throwing it back to the good old days and having a pyjama party! Snacks and pajamas, all the way!

12. Scavenger Hunt

… You could plan it all over the city and divide people into teams, giving them clues as to what they’re meant to be doing and where! The teams would then meet up at the final destination to see who won!

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13. Theme Party

 … These are really cool because they give people a chance to dress up and have fun! Pick from a variety of popular ones – The Great Gatsby, Rock & Roll, or something fun like “I Can’t Believe You Wore That!”

13 birthday party

14. Bouncy Castle

… Admit it, it would be pretty cool to get on one of these things again for your birthday. And it IS your day, so why not?!

15. Cocktail/ Mocktail Lessons

…Why not learn how to make your own?! And then have them all!!

16. Farmhouse Party

… Why not rent a farmhouse for the day and have a massive party with popcorn machines, candy floss and the works!

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17. Never Have I Ever…

… Why wait to do something you have been wanting to do since you can remember?! Spend your birthday making your wishes come true!

20 birthday party

18. Day Off

… How about just taking the day off for yourself? Not having to think about work and being at peace! Just relax and pamper yourself!

19. BBQ

… This depends on the time of year but could be an awesome way to get all your friends and family together!

20. Board Games

… Instead of going out you guys could stay in and play board games; get each guest to bring one along!

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21. Bowling

… An oldie but a goodie! Everyone enjoys a classic game of bowling (so long as the side rails are up!), right?

birthday party 21

22. Shop

… Who needs shots when you can shop, shop, shop!

23. Parents?!

… Why not spend the day/ night having a family celebration?! Major family bonding experience, especially if you live away from home.

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